How to identify the true and false waterproof breathable membrane

1. laboratory test

The real waterproof breathable membrane is not made of glue, so the temperature resistance is -40100 degrees (EU CE standard, American ASTM standard). It is not produced in polyethylene or TPO leaching, so air permeability should exceed 1500g/ square /24 hours, and polyethylene or TPO leaching is used to produce air permeability basically. The hydrostatic pressure test shows that the hydrostatic pressure of the thin waterproof and breathable membrane is at least 1.5 meters and that of the thick waterproof and breathable membrane is at least 2 meters. Anti aging is necessary because PP materials are easily aging under ultraviolet light. Some counterfeit waterproof and breathable membranes are produced with very poor recycled materials. This waterproof and breathable membrane is easily degraded during the construction process.


2. simple hands-on test

On the surface, there are obvious pressure points on both sides of the waterproof and breathable membrane, which is because the production process is through the hot pressing compound, please pay attention, not the grain of the non-woven fabric itself, but a very obvious overlapping point. Tear open the waterproof breathable membrane, first, the middle layer of the middle layer should be a very soft white layer of waterproof breathable layer, because it is through the hot pressure compound, the film should have a pressure point. In addition, hand-pressed non-woven fabrics and membranes, if there is a feeling of sticking hands, then it can be concluded that this is hot-melt adhesive, then this is a fake waterproof breathable membrane. Because hot melt adhesive even at room temperature, these three layers of material will soon be bubbling, delamination, and automatically peel off.

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