How to distinguish real and fake house wrap(Ⅰ)

House wrap technology is introduced from Europe and the United States in the early stage, however, the production process of domestic products is multifarious, the product quality of each manufacturer is uneven, did not form a unified quality standard, the small series will give you a small knowledge, how to identify the true and false house wrap:

1. Laboratory testing

Testing items:

A. temperature resistance;

B. Water vapor transmission (i.e. air permeability);

C. hydrostatic pressure;

D. aging resistance.

The real waterproof breathable film is not compounded with glue, so the temperature resistance is -40,100 degrees (EU CE standard, American ASTM standard).It is not produced with polyethylene or TPO film, so the air permeability should exceed 1500g/ m2 /24 hours, and it is basically airtight when produced with polyethylene or TPO film.

Hydrostatic pressure detection, the hydrostatic pressure of the thin house wrap at least 1.5 meters, at least 2 meters thick house wrap.

Anti-aging is needed, because the PP material is easy to aging under the ultraviolet light, some fake house wrap is produced with very poor recycled material, this house wrap in the construction process is very easy to aging degradation.

house wrap

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