How to Design a Waterproof Log Cabin?

Now the world economy is undergoing a transformation, which promotes innovation driven economic development.At present, although the economy has developed a lot, it still consumes a lot of energy, which makes the carbon emission high.The log cabin is a kind of low-carbon and environment-friendly building, which can help to reduce the carbon emission.Here, PANZHU waterproof breathable membrane will talk about the structure design of moisture proof and waterproof log cabin.

To prevent condensation water from dampening the roof insulation or provide living conditions for mold and wood decay bacteria, we usually install vents above the ceiling under the roof.

First, the vent produces air circulation channels between the roof board and insulation , which promote the drying of roof board and insulation that may become wet caused by leakage and condensation.

Second, the vent may reduce the temperature of roofing board in summer and have the effect of heat insulation.The high temperature of roof panels will affect the service life of glass fiber asphalt tiles. The ventilation system under roof panels can reduce the roof temperature by about l4.

Rainfall is the main source of water vapor inside the building structure, and the roof is the first line of defense against its invasion.In order to strengthen the waterproof performance of the roof, wooden structure building should be built with slope roof. With slope roof, rain water will fall to the ground because of the gravity.

The larger the gradient is, the greater the gravity affects. With the joint action of roofing tile, waterproof material and flashing board,the roof will get a better waterproof performance.The waterproof material has two kinds: waterproof membrane and waterproof breathable membrane.They are the first waterproof defence of the roof which prevent the water already leaking into the tile from going into the roof board inside.Roofing material refers to the surface decoration material of roofing, which is the most basic waterproof layer of building roofing.It should be waterproof and very durable.Most of the roof leakage occurs at the junction of two panels, such as roof ridge line, roof valley line, the connection of roof and wall and roof hole for the pipes.The leakage is mainly avoided by the correct installation of waterproof material and roof material.

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