How to Choose the Right House Wrap

House WrapHouse Wrap

At present, there are many kinds of house wraps on the market. How to choose a suitable house wrap is a problem we all care about. 1. Woven House Wrap 2. Non-woven House Wrap 3. Perforated House Wrap.Which one is the most suitable one for our house? Let's have a look.

Waterproof Membrane

Most synthetic waterproof membranes are made of polyolefin, a common plastic, but produced in three different ways: woven, non-woven and perforated.The woven waterproof membrane is similar to the material of woven sacks we usually use;Non-woven waterproof membrane are more like cloth materials. Commonly non-woven waterproof membrane consists of three layers. The inner and outer shelters and the middle breathable membrane.Perforation waterproof membrane is perforated on polyethylene film to achieve the purpose of air permeability.

Breathable Membrane

Compared with non-woven breathable membrane, woven breathable membrane is more easily to be broken.Once any part of the woven breathable membrane is broken, it will spread out quickly, just like the nylon stockings we wear.This can happen if the installer installs it in a hurry or expose the woven breathable membrane out in the air for several weeks.

Waterproofing Membrane

In contrast, the non woven waterproofing membrane has greater tear resistance.Accidental holes will not affect the use of the membrane. The only thing you need to do is to repair it with flashing tape.The rebound resilience of the waterproofing membrane is a key factor in the installation process, but the permeability of the waterproofing membrane is more important.

Breathing Membrane

How can a non-woven breathing membrane be breathable is a closely guarded secret, but I know that they are designed so that only water vapor can penetrate but rain and snowmelt are difficult, allowing the moisture that accumulates inside the walls to dry quickly.For the same reason, woven breathing membrane often have tiny holes in the surface that allow them to be breathable but still leak when exposed to large amounts of water.

Woven breathing membrane is not widely used.If the walls can dry easily after occasional rain (such as in the southwest desert), a woven breathing membrane is a good solution.But in other places, I believe you're just looking for troubles.

And what is a good option in wet areas? Non-woven breathing membrane should be chosen.

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