How to Choose A Suitable HOUSE WRAP


We all know that the walls of a house are the first line of defense against wind and rain, and the HOUSE WRAP is the second and last line of defense.Therefore, the choice of HOUSE WRAP is very important.

So what kind of HOUSE WRAP should we choose?Woven or non-woven?Perforated or non-perforated?Which material is more suitable for your particular climate and application?Let's explore more.

House Wrap


Most WATERPROOF MEMBRANE materials are made of polyolefin (a common plastic), but there are two completely different ways;One is woven cloth and the other is non-woven.In these two types, non-woven fabric can do better, can reduce the occurrence of damp problem, the price will be a little higher. But compared with the cost of renovation, it is even cheaper.



Woven fabrics BREATHABLE MEMBRANE tears more easily than nonwoven fabrics, like nylon stockings.If there is a snag in the woven cloth, it will tear the woven cloth very quickly, and this situation will be more serious on windy days.This is especially true if the cladding is not installed  outside the woven cloth breathable membrane in time.

Waterproof Membrane



By contrast, the non-woven fabric breathable ROOF MEMBRANE are stronger and can be printed. Even though there are some scratches occasionally, they can also be repaired by waterproof tape.Even resilience during installation and against the elements are important,but the air permeability is a bigger concern.



How non-woven fabric AIR BARRIER is a closely guarded secret.But I know they are well designed.Thus, only water vapor can pass through the material, not liquid water or rain and snow.As long as there is an air layer outside the non-woven fabric, the blocked water and  moisture produced by condensation inside the insulation can be evaporated out successfully.


The principle of AIR BARRIER lies in the layer of microporous membrane in the middle.We don't know how the membrane works, but we do know how it works.The pores of the membranes have a certain size that allows water vapor to pass through, but not water molecules.

Woven cloth is mainly used in dry areas.Non-woven AIR BARRIER can be used anywhere.


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