How to Build a Real Waterproof Wall System?

House Wrap

The quality of the building depends on the quality of the energy-saving materials you use. That is why many builders use house wrap. House wrap can prevent water from penetrating and accumulating, keeping 98 percent of the water out of the building.The house wrap is also breathable and can protect your building for many years.


Therefore, it is very important to install a good house wrap;However, cost, time and installation

should also be taken into account.Some developers will choose a wood-based sheathing with

water-resistive overlay product in order to save money, but will there be a real waterproof system

without a waterproof membrane?



Waterproof Membrane

The Waterproof Membrane can isolate more water, and when the moisture penetrates into the building structure, it can cause mold and rot of wood and many materials, which can also affect the strength of the building structure.


The waterproof membrane isolates 98 percent of the water from the wall and makes it fall directly to the ground.Waterproof membrane is not only a special membrane product, but also a product of high quality and low price.


If compared with waterproof membrane, some waterproof wall panels appear inferior.The main method of waterproof walls is to rely on accurate installation and flashing tapes. If the tape fails, or doesn't stick well, or there are wrinkles or bubbles, the water will easily penetrate.This will affect the waterproof performance of the panel and then affect the inside structure.


Another thing the waterproof wall system often tell us to use is reverse shingle, which will be used on the leakage door, window or other areas.


Breathable Membrane

But this method often allows water to funnel down the tape into the structure and does not provide any waterproofing performance.


The breathable membrane is installed from the bottom, with 6 - to 8-inch laps, which prevents water from entering the wall structure.


Good breathable membrane has good breathable performance, but the so-called waterproof wall system has hardly any permeability. Maybe less than 1perm.In fact, waterproof walls have little or no air permeability because all the cracks have to be sealed with tape.It has almost the same properties as the vapor barrier.



Air Barrier

House Wrap can be a good air barrier. But the most important is the installation method. A good installation method can give you a good air barrier. And we found that one of the best ways to install the AIR BARRIER is to use wood. AIR BARRIER should be installed to avoid wrinkles.The wooden strips are arranged in the shape of a square. Double-sided butyl tape should be used between the laps of the two air barriers. Wood strips should be fixed above the laps and insulation screws should be used to fix them.Finally, the cladding is fixed above the strips.In this way, the air barrier can be installed on the wall more smoothly, and the sealing condition of all corners will be better.The external air layer can also let the moisture collected by air barrier dry easily. The air layer can also play a roll of insulation layer. This is the best installation method we found till now.



Roof Membrane

Roof Membrane is easier to install and has longer service life. The cost of installation is obviously a considerable one.Therefore, you want the installer to install the roof membrane faster and better.Fortunately, the roof membrane is lighter and can be installed by only two workers.

In general, the system installed with house wrap is a highly efficient and energy-saving system. It  can be used for a longer time, and can give you a more comfortable living environment. Although you have spent a little money, you will definitely get more than you spent.


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