How to Avoid Condensation in the Insulation

Condensation phenomenon occurs when the surface temperature of the enclosure structure is lower than that of the air dew point nearby.The main reason for insulation condensation is that the wall insulation is not done perfectly.The water vapor will crystallize on the wall into water droplets when meeting a cold not well insulated wall. A wet wall will easily get mold and rot,   which is a problem of building quality.

How to avoid condensation phenomenon? The best way is to install the most advanced technology PANZHU WRAP breathable membrane on the outside of the insulation layer .PANZHU WRAP breathable membrane is a kind of fabric which can be both waterproof and breathable.Because the product has good air permeability, so the condensation phenomenon of water vapor inside the insulation layer can be discharged into the air freely.

Working principle of PANZHU WRAP breathable membrane:

The main material of the membrane is a kind of microporous membrane, which has many tiny holes on it. The size of the holes can prevent the rain from penetrating but allow water vapor to pass through.In this way, the small water droplets generated by condensation in the insulation material can be smoothly permeated from the breathable insulation, which reduces the possibility of mold and rot inside the insulation material and thus effectively extends the service life of the insulation material and ensures the health of the users in the building.

The PANZHU WRAP breather membrane is composed of three layers: outer shelter layer + middle breathable layer + inner shelter layer

Advanced hot pressing technology is adopted to effectively enhance the service life and the tensile strength of the product.

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