House wrap external insulation and waterproof coat for high-rise building

The house wrap is composed of high density spunbonded polyethylene nonwoven fabric, high molecular permeable membrane and high density spunbonded polyethylene nonwoven fabric by hot pressing. The main function of high density spunbonded polyethylene nonwovens in house wrap is to enhance the tensile strength and static water pressure of house wrap and to protect the middle layer (polymer breathable membrane).

Main advantages of material properties


House wrap waterproof, breathable polymer house wrap material into the hydrophilic group, so that the house wrap not only waterproof effect is good, more good permeability. The pore of the house wrap is curved. Under the condition of water vapor, the water particles are very small. According to the principle of capillary movement, water vapor can permeate the capillary to the other side smoothly, thus the phenomenon of steam permeability occurs. When the water vapor condenses into droplets, the particles become larger and the water structure is a molecular cluster. Because of the surface tension of the droplets (the water molecules "pull and balance" each other), the water molecules can not smoothly break away from the droplets and penetrate to the other side, plugging the curved pores and preventing the water from passing through, that is, preventing the water from penetrating. The steam permeable membrane has waterproof function. Water vapor permeability: greater than 1000g/m2.24H, hydrostatic pressure: 1.5m water column height on the house wrap, 2 hours impermeable.

The tensile strength of the house wrap in both vertical and horizontal directions is increased to 200N/50mm, and the tearing strength of the nail bar is as high as 150N, so the construction process is not easy to break.

House wrap has high temperature resistance, anti-aging, durability, high waterproof and breathable membrane with high strength and anti-aging, smooth surface, no wrinkle, no foam, good composite firmness, high strength and permeability, anti-aging, high temperature resistance, can reach 80 degrees above, ensure the durability and service life of the material, durable life For 20 years.

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