Have You Misunderstood Rock Wool Insulation?

Rock Wool Insulation

Building energy saving is a basic national policy in China. The State Council's green building action plan and the national standard GB 8624-2012 mandatory standards for “the Classification of Burning Performance of Building Materials and Products” emphasize that thermal insulation materials should not only be highly efficient and energy-saving, but also be safe and reliable in fire prevention.As an important building energy saving material, rock wool has both thermal insulation and fire protection performance, which can not only save energy in the building but also protect the safety of people's life and property.Rock Wool Insulation are both building energy saving and fire protection.However, many people do not understand the rock wool wall insulation system and even have some misunderstanding.To this end, the author visited the relevant experts of rock wool industry, ask them to be about the problem that everybody are concerning.

Mineral Wool

Question 1: What are the advantages of rock wool in building insulation and fire prevention?What do people need to care about fire prevention of external wall insulation ?

Answer: a construction fire is a very terrible thing that no one wants to see.Rock wool itself is inorganic silicate fiber material, non-combustible. Mineral Wool with thermal insulation performance, belongs to the class A fireproof material. When using rock wool fire insulation board, people can not only ensure the effect of thermal insulation performance, but also the fire prevention performance in line with fire standards.

Do a good job of external wall insulation fire prevention needs to do the following things. The first one is to strictly implement a variety of fire laws and regulations.Choose good insulation materials. People should pay more attention on fire prevention at the initial stage of using insulation.The construction monitoring should be paid more attention to at the middle stage, in order to prevent the fire.After the insulation material is made into the external wall insulation system, the insulation system should be properly used to prevent fire.

Rock Wool Insulation

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Question 2: Does the use of rock wool Wall Insulation products with good thermal conductivity and fire resistance mean low requirements of tensile strength, water absorption and durability ?

Answer: the high quality rock wool Wall Insulation produced in our country can completely meet all the requirements of tensile strength, water absorption, durability and heat preservation performance, and rock wool Wall Insulation products belongs to grade A non-combustible material.In most applications, the insulation performance of rock wool Wall Insulation is comparable to that of polystyrene board, and even exceeds that of polystyrene board in some applications.

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What is exterior wall insulation system? Can rock wool insulation apply to exterior wall insulation system?

Answer: the exterior wall insulation system refers to the use of a fixed way (bonding, mechanical anchoring, spraying, pouring, etc.), the low thermal conductivity (thermal insulation effect is better) insulation materials and the building wall are fixed together to increase the average thermal resistance value of the wall,an engineering practice which which will help achieve the thermal insulation effect.

Rock wool external wall insulation system has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good air permeability and high combustion performance, which can be applied to the energy-saving insulation project of new, expanded and rebuilt residential buildings and public buildings for external wall, including external wall insulation, non-transparent curtain wall insulation and EPS external insulation system fire barriers.Rock wool is used in conjunction with the insulation material whose combustion performance is not up to grade A, so as to improve the fire prevention function of the outer wall of the building.Rock wool is an excellent thermal insulation product for exterior wall thermal insulation composite system. In addition, due to its non-combustible performance, rock wool is also a building fire safety solution and is regarded as the preferred material and solution for high-rise buildings, which is fully reflected in the provisions of EN13500 and ETAG004 standards.The flammability of foam insulation products will cause great risks and damage to people and property, so in Europe and America people are not allowed to use this material in high-rise buildings.

Question 4: In Europe, such as Germany, does rock wool account for only a small market share in all external insulation composite system applications?

Answer: in Germany, the market share of rock wool in exterior insulation composite system is 100% for high-rise buildings over 22 meters.Rock wool has a 5.6 percent market share in all external insulation composite applications, but this statistic includes the most common building in Europe-- the low-rise single-family house, which is not comparable to the high-rise structures prevailing in China.

Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool Insulation

Question 5: Does rock wool has some effect on human health?

Answer: Of course not.A number of organizations (e.g., the world health organization) have made numerous studies on whether rock wool fibers will cause cancer, and the results clearly show that rock wool fibers are not carcinogens.The results were as follows: "adiabatic glass wool, continuous glass fiber, rock wool and slag wool are not classified as human carcinogens (class 3)".Studies on the carcinogenicity of rock wool are well known, and these studies are publicly available.Furthermore, we are not aware of any limitations on the use of rock wool in terms of health.

Question 6: Does rock wool use a lot of energy and produce a lot of emissions?

A: All or most of the production waste in modern factories is recyclable. The small amount left is treated again and the emissions are reduced to minimum amount.A unit of rock wool can save energy 100 times that are used for making it.

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