Green Construction Materials, Warm Your Life



A new report from Research and Markets forecasts the world market for green materials will hit $187 billion by 2026, which represents an 11.6% compounded annual growth rate between 2017 and 2026. The growth rate is so fast.

So what are green construction materials?

Green building materials are natural building materials without or with little addition, which can be decomposed naturally or recycled.For example: plasterboard, wood or some natural stone and so on.


The significance of using green building materials:

The volume of construction waste generated worldwide every year, according to a report from Transparency Market Research, will nearly double to 2.2 billion tons by the year 2025, according to Construction & Demolition Recycling.Construction waste as classified in the report includes materials from excavation, roadwork and demolition, as well as complex waste like plastics, metal, ceramic and cardboard. Making up more than half of the construction waste generated annually are building materials including wood, shingles, asphalt, concrete and gypsum.

According to the study, "reduce, reuse and recycle" policies are necessary to control the amount of construction waste.

The use of green construction materials plays a fundamental role in reducing the world's waste emissions.Green construction materials not only can be decomposed naturally, but also can be recycled under the condition of not decomposing, which greatly reduces the possibility of generating construction waste and makes zero-pollution houses possible.


HOSUE WRAP is an emerging green construction material, environmental protection and energy saving, also can be recycled. PANZHU HOSUE WRAP is the best insulation protection layer.

What are the environmental protection performances of BREATHABLE MEMBRANE?

1. BREATHABLE MEMBRANE Good protection of insulation

BREATHABLE MEMBRANE are high-tech products that have a structure of tiny pores. The size of which allows water vapor to pass through rather than water molecules.The BREATHABLE MEMBRANE on the outside of the insulation can effectively prevent the invasion of wind and rain on the insulation.In low-temperature weather, condensed water is easy to be generated inside the insulation. If the insulation layer is covered with BREATHABLE MEMBRANE, water vapor can be released from the BREATHABLE MEMBRANE to the outside through evaporation, so as to keep the insulation dry, durable, healthy and eco-friendly.

2. WATERPROOF MEMBRANE also has thermal insulation performance

Under the supervision of the National Construction Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, an external thermal insulation system of the waterproof and breathable membrane with hanging net plaster was tested. The test results show that the waterproof and breathable membrane with three centimeters of air layer produces the thermal conductivity up to 0.307, equivalent to twice the thermal conductivity of the general air layer or 43% the thermal conductivity of EPS insulation board according to the "Civil Building Design Code GB50176" The insulation effect is significant.


According to research, a continuous insulation plays an important role on the house energy conservation and environmental protection.The most important part of the continuous insulation is BREATHING MEMBRANE.Because its installation is very flexible and can cover the entire outside of the house, as if giving the house a storm jacket, no matter how big the wind and rain, the house residents can sleep peacefully inside the house.


Since PANZHU WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE appears on the market, the company has started inventing new products continuously,towards thinner and stronger.According to international standards, the air permeability of the PANZHU WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE can reach 1063g/.24h, equivalent to 63 us perm.



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