Green Building is Not the Greening of a Building

Green Building is Not the Greening of a Building

There are gardens on the roof and three-dimensional greening on the facade. Is it a green building?Yesterday, international building energy conservation and green building development peak BBS held in the convention and exhibition center.Experts take turns to tell us what is truly green building with Numbers and examples.


Energy efficient buildings are not necessarily green buildings

The so-called green building refers to the maximum energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving, environmental protection and pollution reduction within the whole life cycle of the building, and harmonious coexistence with nature.For residents, green building means the use of space is healthy, suitable and efficient.If only greening measures are adopted, it is not a green building in the real sense. Green building is not the same as greening of a building.

Does green building equal to energy efficient building?Green buildings are energy-saving buildings, but energy-saving buildings are not necessarily green buildings, because in addition to energy conservation, green buildings also need to save land, water, materials and be environmental protection.

PANZHU green energy-saving building materials, committed to the global energy conservation and environmental protection and intended to contribute a force.

PANZHU WATERPROOF MEMBRANE is the main product of PZNZHU green building material.PANZHU WATERPROOF MEMBRANE is a high-tech product -- a microporous membrane.The microporous membrane's diameter allows water vapor to pass through, but not water molecules.Therefore, the product has a good waterproof and breathable performance.

PANZHU BREATHABLE MEMBRANE is a kind of high-tech product. PANZHU BREATHABLE MEMBRANE adopts the international advanced hot pressing compound method to press the micro porous membrane in the middle and the two shelters on both sides together. Glue is not used during the process. PANZHU BREATHABLE MEMBRANE does not feel stick on the surface while pressing the membrane. PANZHU BREATHABLE MEMBRANE is suitable for the high temperature use outside the house.

PANZHU HOUSE WRAP continues to bring forth new products keeping up with the pace of the world from its birth.From the basic style of house wrap, to the new flame-retardant house wrap and reflective house wrap.PANZHU PRODUCTS are always pursuing a thinner and stronger aim.The latest products can reach a thickness of 0.3mm and a tensile strength of 232N/50mm.The reflective type has a much higher tensile strength.



1. Wind resistance performance: the current maximum tensile strength of the product can reach 240N/50mm. Installation shall be conducted in accordance with the installation instructions.

2. Reduce thermal bridges: installing insulation wrap can create a continuous insulation layer for the house, which is required by many area codes.This can significantly reduce the thermal bridge effect inside the house.More comfortable living experience for the residents.

3. Waterproof performance: the insulation wrap can reach the waterproof performance of two meters of water column for one hour (according to the current domestic testing standards) (test report can be attached).

4. Air permeability: the air permeability method of PANZHU insulation wrap is nearly the same with the universal method. The maximum air permeability is 1063g/m2.24h, equivalent to 63 us perm, and the performance is stable.


The main function of the building wrap is to protect the insulation from moisture and mold.The insulation used in steel structure, timer frame or curtain wall structure can all use building wrap to protect the insulation. In addition, in recent years, building wrap used inside the insulation is also seen these years. PANZHU building wrap can not only protect the insulation from moisture, but also discharge the water vapor inside the insulation.PANZHU building wrap effectively prolong the service life of the insulation, stable the building energy efficiency of the building.




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