Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free

                                   Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free

Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free is produced on the basis of the traditional centrifugal glass wool. The raw material formula and molding process are partially adjusted to make the raw wool suitable for new binder.

Fiberglass Insulation Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free is completely different from traditional glass wool because of an eco friendly adhesive.Fiberglass Insulation Formaldehyde and acrylic acid free completely eliminated phenol, urea and other toxic harmful substances.Therefore, it is a revolution to the traditional glass wool.

Glass Wool

The development of formaldehyde-free green glass wool in the world

Formaldehyde-free environment-friendly glass wool was produced in the United States in 2002 by using Rohm&Haas's formaldehyde-free adhesive.According to introduction of this company over the years, its glass wool has won the following honors:

Passed the global indoor air quality test - ES1350.The test results show that the product will not release any pollutants.

1.SCS environmental certification -- provide independent certification worldwide for recognizing the environmental benefits of manufacturers' products.

2. In 2002 and 2003, he won the "The Most Recommended Award by Architects" in the United States.

3. Rated "Top 10 Green Building Materials Products" by (Publisher of the GreegSpec Catalog and Environmental Building News) in 2002.

4. Awarded as the most valuable product by Building Materials Products in 2002.

The glass wool produced by our factory is more environmental friendly------not only formaldehyde free but also acrylic acid free.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiber Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features

No formaldehyde will be released during the production of binder and glass wool, or after the installation and use, so it will not cause any pollution to your indoor environment.Fiber Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free does not contain ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances.Fiber Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free is Tasteless, non-toxic, can protect human health and completely improve the working environment.Fiber Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free inherits the feature of traditional centrifugal glass wool as slender fiber, uniform distribution of wool, good resilience and other significant advantages.Fiber Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free has the same excellent physical and thermal properties as traditional centrifugal glass wool.Fiber Glass Wool Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free is natural chocolate color, which is more elegant and beautiful.

Duct Wrap Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features Application

Fiber Glass Wool

Duct Wrap Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features is made by curing process with certain intensity. No matter in high or low using temperature, Duct Wrap Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features can keep good thermal insulating properties. Duct Wrap Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features is mainly used for the construction of interior wall partition, ceiling, iron duct lining insulation, sound absorption within the machine room, metal ceiling perspiration control, etc..Duct Wrap Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features has a broad application prospect.Centrifugal Glass Wool Tube is specially used for the heat preservation of all kinds of pipelines (including: freezing, hot water, steam) system. Centrifugal Glass Wool Tube can work normally at an ambient temperature of no more than 400℃.Centrifugal Glass Wool Tube can be exposed or concealed.

Foil insulation also has strong thermal radiation performance, which is an excellent lining material for the inner wall, compartment and roof of the high-temperature workshop and control room

Glass Fiber Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features is rigid and semi-rigid.Glass Fiber Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features uses a natural adhesive to bond inorganic glass fibers together.Glass Fiber Formaldehyde and Acrylic Acid Free Features can be used for a variety of special buildings, especially places not suitable for the use of flexible insulation materials.

The product has the following advantages:

1. No formaldehyde or acrylic acid -- no formaldehyde or acrylic acid will be released after the installation and use of glass wool, thus no harm to human health and no pollution to the environment.

2. Do not contain ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances -- tasteless, non-toxic, protect human health, thoroughly improve the working environment.

3. Easy installation - simple operation and lightweight materials make installation very quick and easy.

4. Good insulation effect -- effective insulation, high thermal resistance value.

5. Good sound absorption effect -- sound transmission can be reduced.

6. Non-corrosive -- will not cause the corrosion of pipes and metal parts.

7. Durability -- resist rot and mold, durable.

8. Moisture resistance -- effectively prevent water vapor transmission.

9. Not easy to deform -- unlike flexible materials that are easy to deform, the product can maintain its shape well during operation and processing

10. Fire resistance -- non-combustible.

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