Function of PANZHU house wrap

1. PANZHU house wrap is laid outside the insulation layer to cover the whole building, thereby reducing air leakage and convective heat loss, and effectively strengthening the air tightness of the building.

2. PANZHU house wrap has excellent waterproof performance, tight coating, protecting the building from water vapor and rain erosion. It can effectively guarantee the insulation effect and durability of the building, and make the building more energy saving and environmental protection.

3. PANZHU house wrap is laid outside the insulation layer, which can ensure the effective discharge of water vapor from the envelope structure, reduce the risk of condensation on the roof, solve the problem of condensation and moisture-proof, and protect the insulation layer.


4. PANZHU house wrap is laid on the downstream strip. The pinhole is at the highest point. The rainwater flows downstream and freely discharges along the downstream strip. The waterproof is more guaranteed.

5. PANZHU house wrap protects the thermal insulation layer. There is no need to make fine stone concrete or film waterproof material on the thermal insulation layer, which can reduce the project cost.

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