Formaldehyde-free Acrylic-free Eco-friendly Glass Wool


Insulation materials are widely used in buildings such as muffling and insulation in the interlayers. Insulation materials are more important, especially in the north.Insulation material actually has a big role in sound insulation.Privacy and quiet living environment are important in modern houses.Not only that, insulation materials can also be used to protect the pipe from air, reduce the oxidation rate of the pipe and increase the using life of the pipe.


Formaldehyde-free Acrylic-free Eco-friendly Glass Wool is one of the many forms of insulation materials.The best way to measure a insulation is to see its thermal conductivity. Formaldehyde-free Acrylic-free Eco-friendly Glass Wool has a very low thermal conductivity and considered to be an excellent thermal insulation material. And the noise reduction performance also increases its competitiveness.The biggest advantage is no formaldehyde no acrylic acid. The performance of Formaldehyde-free and Acrylic-free can reduce indoor air pollution.FIBER GLASS WOOL


Formaldehyde-free Acrylic-free Eco-friendly Glass Wool insulation is made of natural binder by very special processing method.Compared with ordinary glass wool insulation, this product does not contain formaldehyde or acrylic and has the smell of bread. The fiber of Formaldehyde-free Acrylic-free Eco-friendly Glass Wool insulation is finer and more soft, with better toughness, elasticity, more efficient heat insulation and sound absorption performance.Formaldehyde-free Acrylic-free Eco-friendly Glass Wool insulation is a perfect choice for commercial, industrial, residential, and other uses of buildings. High-end customers constantly pursue high-quality products of energy-saving, environmental protection and noise reduction.



1. Healthy and eco friendly: natural plant binder without adding petrochemical materials, without formaldehyde, without acrylic acid, healthy and eco friendly without harmful gas volatilization.

2. Ultra-fine and ultra-long fiber: environmental friendly glass wool is made by special technology with finer and longer fiber.ECO FRIENDLY BATTS GLASS WOOL INSULATION is more uniform and has no slag ball, so as to improve the overall structural strength, tensile strength and seismic resistance of BATTS GLASS WOOL INSULATION.

3. The ultra-slender glass fiber is like fine feather or wool, which gives the glass wool more air holes and rich air layer structure, which realizes more efficient insulation and sound absorption performance.

4. Soft and non-irritating: pure natural environment-friendly BATTS GLASS WOOL INSULATION, with long and thin fiber, feels very soft and comfortable, and will not have a tingling sensation. When cutting, the edges are neat, not scattered, and the loss is small.



Formaldehyde-free Acrylic-free FIBERGLASS WOOL INSULATION adopts a unique centrifugal technology to make glass fiber and pure natural environmental protection binder together into environmental protection FIBERGLASS WOOL INSULATION, which is a product with fibers of a few microns diameter. Environmental FIBERGLASS WOOL INSULATION fiber is particularly soft, and according to different customer requirements, people choose to use moisture-proof plywood composite material. Because of its large number of small air gap, it plays the advantages of insulation, sound absorption and safety.Formaldehyde-free Acrylic-free FIBERGLASS WOOL INSULATION is the best building insulation with the performance of sound absorption and noise reduction.

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