Foil Backed Flashing Butyl Tape

Flashing tape

PANZHU Foil Backed Flashing Butyl Tape is a kind of pressure sensitive tape made of scrim strengthened aluminum foil and butyl rubber.Scrim strengthened aluminum foil ensures excellent toughness, abrasion resistance and water resistance performance of the tape.High purity butyl is made of butyl rubber as the main material, with other additives through advanced processing technology.So PANZHU Foil Backed Flashing Butyl Tape is a lifetime non-curing waterproof sealing tape.The product has no solvent, does not shrink or emit toxic gases. PANZHU Foil Backed Flashing Butyl Tape is an extremely advanced environmental protection waterproofing material.

Waterproof Tape Performances

1. Temperature resistance: at -40-- 120can maintain good performance

2. Tensile resistance: PANZHU Waterproof Tape is using high quality scrim strengthened aluminum foil. PANZHU Waterproof Tape can withstand high tensile strength.

3. Waterproof: PANZHU Waterproof Tape is made of high-purity butyl rubber. Even air can not pass through the butyl rubber, not to say water. PANZHU Waterproof Tape can even stick to the cement surface directly. After 30 days of installation, it can be integrated into the cement surface of the building.

flashing tape

Flashing Butyl Tape

Installation of PANZHU Flashing Butyl Tape

1. Installation temperature: it shall be operated within the temperature range of -15°C -- 45°C, and the base surface temperature shall be above 5°C

2. Installation environment: the base surface must be cleaned or wiped clean, and keep dry without floating soil or grease.

3. Installation requirements: the bond shall not be torn or peeled within 24 hours after construction

4. Installation tools: roller tools can be used to apply pressure onto the rubber tape after installation, so as to make the rubber tape bond the base surface better.

Waterproofing Tape Application

1. Repair leaks on roof cracks

2. Window edge waterproofing

3. Duct waterproofing and air tightness

4. Wall board connection

Window flashing tape

6.Sun room glass seams

7. Cracks on roof tiles

8. IBR sheets connection

9. RV Leaks

10. Seal around house wrap fasteners

Waterproof tape

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