Among a lot of insulation materials, foam rubber insulation can be one of the best. Today, let’s look at the advantages of foam rubber insulation:


1.Environmental protection: FOAM RUBBER INSULATION does not contain harmful chlorofluorides for the atmosphere and conforms to the requirements of ISO14000 standard, so FOAM RUBBER INSULATION will not produce any harmful pollutants to human body in the installation and application.

2.Low thermal conductivity: FOAM RUBBER INSULATION is a high quality energy saving material. FOAM RUBBER INSULATION is cold insulation, heat insulation and anti-condensation material. FOAM RUBBER INSULATION has low thermal conductivity and stable performance. FOAM RUBBER INSULATION has isolation effect on any thermal medium.


Rubber FoamInsulation

3. Good fire performance: Rubber Foam Insulation conform to the national standard GB8624 "Building Materials Combustion Performance Analysis" and is judged as GB8624 B1 Grade refractory materials.

4. Closed cell structure: Rubber Foam Insulation are closed cell structure,which makes it difficult for water to penetrate from the outside air into the material. Rubber Foam Insulation has good humidity resistance factor. The vapour resistance μ value is more than 3500(ISO9346) forming a built-in moisture resistance layer. Even scratch on the product does not affect the overall vapor resistance performance.Rubber Foam Insulation is both thermal insulation and moisture resistance

5. Thin materials, space saving: Rubber Foam Insulation is nearly as thick as on-third of other insulation materials.Thus save the space above the ceiling and improve the indoor height. 

Elastomeric Insulation

6. Long service life: Elastomeric Insulation has not only excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, dry resistance, moisture resistance, but also anti-ultraviolet, ozone resistance, 25 years no aging, no deformation, maintenance free long service life and other characteristics.

7. Nice appearance, uniform and beautiful: Elastomeric Insulation has a high elasticity, smooth surface, flexible structure, even installed in bend pipe, tee, valve and other irregular components, Elastomeric Insulation can be maintained intact and beautiful. Even without ceiling, Elastomeric Insulation can maintain high-grade appearance

8. Convenient and fast installation: as Elastomeric Insulation is soft and does not need other auxiliary layers, the construction and installation is simple. For the installation of pipes, Elastomeric Insulation can be installed during the installation of pipes, or the Elastomeric Insulation can be cut open and then glued together with special glue.

 Rubber Foam

Elastomeric Foam

So what are the applications of Elastomeric Foam?

Heat preservation:

1. PPR pipe antifreeze insulation: in winter, the cold brittleness of PPR pipe sometimes cause the water pipe cracking. Freezing rupture question occupies the vast majority of winter household water pipe problems.So do a good job in the water pipe antifreeze protection has become an important work to ensure normal water use in winter.The professional low-temperature Elastomeric Foam has the thermal conductivity of 0.034w/m.h at 0℃. Elastomeric Foam is the best PPR pipe anti-freeze protection material.

2. Solar pipe insulation: solar water heater is an environmental friendly product, but the product is easy to encounter the problem of freezing in winter and make the shower at home difficult.The super insulation performance of the professional high temperature Elastomeric Foam can insulate the heater pipes and greatly alleviate the problem.

DUCT insulation

3. HVAC DUCT insulation: HVAC DUCT insulation can not only insulate the hot air in winter, but also the cold air in summer.While the HVAC DUCT transports cold or hot air to different rooms through long ducts, the energy loss are quite large. If you add an DUCT insulation, the energy cost saved will even exceed the material cost in the future.So DUCT insulation is one of the best ways to save money.

Sound insulation performance:

The surface of DUCT insulation, after special seamless waterproof treatment, can block most of the medium or high frequency sound.There are hollow holes inside that allow the sound filtered by the surface layer to vibrate and wear in the pores.In the noise range of 125-4000hz, the sound absorption coefficient reaches above 0.9, and the noise reduction coefficient is about 0.8-1.10, which makes it a broadband efficient sound absorption system.

In fact, there are many applications of rubber foam. We may also develop some new application. Can you think of rubber foam used in other aspects?I hope the rubber foam can be installed on the outside of the car, which can play a buffer role in some dangerous situations and reduce the harm to pedestrians. Do you agree with me?




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