Fireproof Rock Wool for Earthquake-resistant Houses

Fireproof Rock Wool for Earthquake-resistant Houses


There are many earthquake prone areas in the world, where people have to be vigilant at all times weather their houses will fall down at any time and hit their children. It is a terrible feeling I think.However, as the level of human intelligence becomes higher and higher, people invented timer frame and steel structure houses, which greatly reduce the probability of casualties in the earthquake.

In 1995, Kobe, Japan earthquake confirm the power of the north American type timber frame houses. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 took 6000 lives and more than $one hundred billion loss. The traditional Japanese column and beam structure are a disaster to look at under the earthquake bulge. While most of the timer frame houses built to the standards of modern building codes have survived intact.


rockwool insulation

Moreover, under the premise that the world pays more and more attention to environmental protection, the timer frame structure is also in line with the environmental protection standard. Therefore, the timer frame structure follows the requirements of environmental protection throughout the construction process.

Fanfei (Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of thermal insulation system materials for buildings and committed to the production and sales of energy-saving insulation products. Our products are very suitable for the insulation system of timer frame and steel structure houses.Today we will talk about fireproof insulation rock wool with excellent soundproof and thermal insulation performance.

Acoustic Panels

PANZHU rock wool products adopt high-quality basalt, dolomite, etc as main raw materials, after more than 1450 ℃ high temperature melting process in international advanced four axis high-speed centrifugal and made into rock wool fiber. Then with a certain amount of binder,dust laying oil and moisture repellent, the fibers are collected by the cotton collection machine by pendulum method (this method improved the uniformity of rock wool fiber and the binder distribution. The fiber is partially vertical distribution because of the slope of the wool layer on overlaps. The compressive strength and the interlayer bonding strength was improved. Combined with three dimensional method cotton-spreading, after curing and cutting, different kinds of rock wool product with different specifications and usages are formed, such as rock wool for roofing.

rockwool insulation

Fireproof Insulation

PANZHU Rock Wool Fireproof Insulation Performances:

1. Thermal Insulation: rock wool Fireproof Insulation performance is particularly good. rock wool Fireproof Insulation can effectively prevent the loss of heat or air conditioning inside the house, which effectively improve the energy efficiency of the house

2. The sound insulation performance:plasterboard (1 layer or multilayer) + channel steel + plasterboard (1 layer or multilayer). Rock wool Fireproof Insulation takes sound-absorbing effect here, which absorbs part of the sound waves going through the plasterboard and reduces the sound waves reflected back and forth in the cavity formed between gypsum board and channel steel, so as to enhance the soundproofing performance of the wall.It has been proved that the sound insulation effect of the light wall with the rock wool board whose bulk density is 60-180kg/m3 is 8 ~ 15 db higher than that of the pure gypsum board without rock wool inside.


3. Compressive resistance: the compressive resistance of rock wool Insulation is very strong, suitable for the use of external walls

4 waterproof: in the production process of rock wool Insulation, the addition of moisture repellent makes the rock wool Insulation waterproof.

5. Anti-bite: rock wool board is a natural inorganic material, not easy to be gnawed by mice.

Application of rock wool insulation:

1. External wall insulation board

2. Interior partition filling board

3. Interior bulkhead

4. Interior partition of the train

5. Pipe insulation


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