Facing Hot Summer, How to Keep Cool?

Facing Hot Summer, How to Keep Cool?

July and August are the hottest months of the year. Then how to keep cool at this time?

There are a lot of answers:

1. Eat popsicles

2. Blowing fan

3. The linen sheet

house wrap

But what you may not know is that sometimes it has been decided when a house is built

whether it is cool or not.

The first is insulation

The insulation layer is not only responsible for heat insulation in winter, it is also responsible

for cold air insulation in summer, just as when we sell ice creams,wrapping a quilt in an ice

cream box is just as effective at keeping cool air away from the heat.

Then there's the house wrap

You may not have heard of this, but you must have heard of the storm jacket.Maybe some

people have worn them. They're especially suitable for outdoor wear, it can effectively

prevent rain and wind, and won't have the sweltering feeling of raincoat.In fact, the 

breathable membrane is also a storm coat we produced for the house.It works with the same principle as a Storm jacket, but is more suitable for houses.it can protect the house in windy weather from the attack of wind and rain, and ensure indoor ventilation, prevent the interior mildew of the house and other health problems caused by moisture problem.

breathable membrane

What are the application fields of PANZHU waterproof membrane?

Breathing membrane is the best partner of your insulation, no matter where your insulation

is used,the house wrap is just like the mother our insulation, who keeps out wind and rain,

And gives the insulation a good air circulation with the outside environment. House wrap

can keep the insulation dry and warm and prevent mold and rot inside the insulation in

order to provide a good air condition inside the house

Recently, our waterproofing membrane has been used in a hospital in Shenyang China. We

hope our house wrap can give the doctors and patients a good living condition!

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