Exterior Wall Insulation Rock Wool Board

Rock Wool

Exterior wall insulation rock wool board

Exterior insulation rock wool board for external wall thermal insulation is a special kind of rock wool board. Exterior wall insulation rock wool board is a kind of Class A incombustible fire insulation materials with higher compressive strength and tensile strength, but lower water absorption and moisture absorption rate. Exterior wall insulation rock wool board has good dimensional stability, will not produce thermal expansion or contraction phenomenon. Exterior wall insulation rock wool board has good ageing resistance performance and other advantages. Exterior wall insulation rock wool board is compatible with exterior wall system, offer effective heat preservation performance for the building. Exterior wall insulation rock wool board has perfect fire prevention and extreme climate protection performance.

Rock Wool

Rockwool Insulation

Rockwool Insulation for exterior wall is specially designed and produced for the thin plastering exterior insulation system of buildings. Rockwool Insulation is suitable for the exterior wall insulation of new or existing buildings whose foundation walls are concrete or brick walls and other compact structures.Among them, the outer wall insulation rock wool barrier can also be used as a fire barrier, matching with the insulation material whose combustion performance is not up to grade A, so as to improve the fire prevention function of the outer wall of the building.

Batt Insulation


1. High compressive and tensile strength and durability indicators, ensuring the long-term stability and reliability of product performance.

2. Rock wool batt Insulation does not burn, does not release heat and toxic smoke. When on fire, Rock wool batt Insulation can also effectively cut off the flame spread, fire prevention performance excellent.

3. Excellent thermal insulation performance can improve the thermal resistance value of building envelope, reduce the energy consumption of building for heating and air conditioning, save energy and reduce emission.

4. Rock wool batt Insulation does not has corrosion to carbon steel, aluminum (alloy), copper and other metal materials and various components in the buildings.

5. Rock wool batt Insulation has the physical performance of sound absorption, noise reduction and elastic vibration elimination performance.

6. No moisture absorption, aging resistance, long-term stable performance.

7. Light weight, can be cut or sawed, easy to install.

Rockwool Insulation

Mineral Wool

Application of thermal insulation Mineral Wool board in China

With the Ministry of Public Security--Housing and Urban-rural Development Document NO. 46 (namely the Civil Building External Thermal Insulation System And the Interim Provisions on the Exterior Wall Decoration Fireproof and Public Fire Protection [2011] NO. 65 Document(" The Notice of Relevant Provisions About Further Clear Civil Building Fire Supervision and Management of External Thermal Insulation Material) about strict fire prevention requirements of external wall thermal insulation material, exterior insulation rock wool board market rapidly become popular in China.

Mineral Wool Insulation

According to Document NO. 46

Residential building: the building height is over 100 meters, and the FIRE performance of insulation material should be Grade A.

Residential construction: building height 24 meters or less, FIRE performance not below F, when using F, every three layer set a fire barrier. Residential construction: building height more than 24 m and less than 60 m, not below F, when using F, each two layers set a fire barrier. Residential construction: building height more than 60 m and less than 100 meters, not below F, when using F, every layer set up a fire barrier. Other civil construction: building height is more than 50 meters ,set up A level fire materials. Other civil building:Building height 24 meters or less, not below F, when using F, every layer set up a fire barrier. Other civil building more than 24 m and less than 50 meters can use A1 level, also can use fire barrier. Curtain wall type buildings: 0 to 24 meters, use A or E, using E, each layer set a fire barrier. Construction curtain wall type: 24 meters or higher, use A, without fire barrier.

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