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House Wrap

House Wrap is a layer of membrane installed behind the wall cladding, which can be made of plastic, polyethylene, etc.Almost all exterior materials are not completely waterproof, so the interior side must be fixed with a house wrap to prevent water from penetrating into the building envelope.

Although a House Wrap is not a vapor barrier, it can also reduce the amount of air passing through the walls.But in fact, the House Wrap is designed to prevent water from the outside from entering the structure and allow water vapor from the inside to permeate outside the building, which will prevent a series of problems caused by excessive moisture inside the structure.

Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof breathable membrane is used in many areas especially in humid areas, because places with more rainfalls will have more moisture problem in local houses. The Waterproof breathable membrane will prevent water penetration and solve the problem.

Moisture content in humid areas is usually very high. Waterproof breathable membrane can allow the moisture inside the building structure to be discharged out smoothly, which effectively prevent mold and rot problem inside the enclosure structure.

Because the waterproof breathable membrane can prevent air from penetrate into the wall,it  also has some R value.

House Wrap

Breathable Membrane

Proper installation is important

The most common mistake is to install the Breathable Membrane like a vapor retarder. That is very undesirable. The vapor retarder is usually installed inside the insulation to prevent the moisture inside the house from penetrate into the enclosure structure; while the Breathable Membrane is usually installed outside the insulation. And the Breathable Membrane has a performance of collecting and channeling water, so there must be an air layer outside the Breathable Membrane, and the wall cladding should not be closely attached to the Breathable Membrane.Our common installation method is to use wood strips for fixing the Breathable Membrane, use insulation screw to penetrate the Breathable Membrane and rock wool and fix them on the inner wall board, then install the wall cladding on the wood strip. Naturally, air layer can be generated by the wood strip, and water vapor can be evaporated here.

Roof Membrane

Other tips for installation:

1. During installation, if the Roof Membrane is destroyed due to improper operation,that will greatly affect the windproof performance of the product.

2. Follow the installation tips step by step. The top and bottom of the wallboard cladding and Roof Wall Membrane must be fixed properly and pasted with flashing butyl tape outside.

3. Install Roof Wall Membrane before doors and Windows

 Waterproof Membrane

Moistur barrier

4. Moisture Barrier should be lapped at least 6 inches horizontally and 6 to 12 inches vertically, depending on local wind and rain conditions. The upper membrane should be outside the lower membrane.

5. Between the two membranes on the lap, the double-sided butyl tape should be used. The insulation screw for fixing the wood strip and membrane is better to impale on the butyl tape.And finally, the flashing butyl tape can be used to flash the membrane edge.

6. A drainage provision shall be installed at the bottom of the Moisture and wall cladding.



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