Environmental Friendly Glass Wool

Glass Wool

1. What is ECO friendly glass wool

Environment-friendly glass wool is a kind of green product based on environmental protection.To reduce carbon emissions, the binder does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colours.


Mineral Wool

2. Installation

Environmentally friendly Mineral Wool has good sound insulation and thermal insulation effect.

Good quality, low dust and clean cutting, these factors make installation easier. ECO friendly Mineral Wool can be used in commercial or residential buildings in wood or steel structures.

Glass Wool


Sound insulation

3. Sound insulation effect:

Eco glass wool Sound insulation has a variety of thickness, and can improve RW rating in wood structure by 3-5 db, and in steel structure about 8-10 db.


4. Application:

ECO friendly Sound insulation can be used for interior and exterior wall, flooring, crawl Spaces and some ceiling applications.


Thermal Insulation

5. Features:

Excellent acoustic performance, reduce the transmission of sound

No odor, preservative, moisture-proof, no food for ants, no bacteria or fungi.

Highly resilient materials

Low dust


Mineral Wool

Insulation Material

6. Advantages:

No combustion below 300°C

Extra-high tensile strength

Apply to fill wall cavity

Sound insulation for roof insulation, indoor sound insulation and suspended ceilings

Prevent heat loss, especially for HVAC duct systems

Suitable for interior partition



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