Eco Friendly Glass Wool

Glass Wool

Centrifugal glass wool is a kind of fiber like material made by spraying liquid glass into centrifugal and combined with pure natural eco friendly binder.Green glass wool can be made into a series of products with many uses after further processing by heat curing.Centrifugal glass wool has non-combustible, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, light weight, low thermal conductivity, chemical stability, low moisture absorption rate, good hydrophobicity and many other advantages. Centrifugal glass wool is a widely used material with heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption and other super performances.The boards and felt made of this material have been widely used in building, chemical industry, electronics, electric power, metallurgy,energy, transportation and other fields for heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction. The using effect of centrifugal glass wool is very significant.

Fiber Glass Wool

Fan Fei(Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD adopts the most advanced centrifugal production process for eco friendly glass wool, producing flexible, superfine fiber, good resilience, waterproof and fireproof glass wool rolls or blankets (can also be with foil facing) as the ideal insulation and sound-absorbing material for steel structure. The performance of the product is heat insulation, sound-absorbing, low engineering cost, short construction period, non-toxic, does not stimulate the skin, and ensure the installers health with beautiful appearance.

Glass Wool


Fan Fei(Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD produce the eco friendly FIBERGLASS WOOL INSULATION with pure natural adhesive, by pressure and heat curing. FIBERGLASS WOOL INSULATION can be applicable to all kinds of different specifications of air duct,duct heat and sound insulation. FIBERGLASS WOOL INSULATION can be used with foil insulation facing, with the performance of good heat insulation, light bulk density, flame retardant, resistance to vibration and sound absorbing etc.

Glass Wool Batts

Fan Fei(Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD adopts the advanced centrifugal blowing glass wool production process to provide the rock wool roll and felt, board and other composite materials, which can meet the requirements of users for all kinds of wall insulation.They are cost effective, easy installation, excellent performance etc. The PANZHU glass wool can be used for heat preservation and insulation of railway carriages and air-conditioned passenger carriages.

Glass Wool Roll

Fan Fei(Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., LTD prepare a series of products like glass wool blankets, rolls and other composite materials considering the user's need for sound absorption and noise reduction. PANZHU GLASS WOOL ROLL is widely used in the partition of the building, not only sound absorption, but also easy installation, light weight and thin in depth, whith can accordingly increase the using area inside the building.

Fiber Glass Wool

Construction Suggestion For PANZHU GLASS WOOL

The pin shall be welded on the surface of the equipment in advance, and the high-temperature glass wool shall be bound on the surface of the equipment with iron wire. When the temperature of the equipment exceeds 250, it is better to adopt the double-layer heat preservation method. The seams of the two glass wool layers inside and outside shall be staggered, so as to avoid heat loss caused by thermal bridge.When the temperature of the insulation equipment exceeds 400, it is recommended to use Alkaline Earth Silicate Wool with a certain thickness for the inner layer and glass wool with high temperature resistance performance for the outer layer. The seams between the two layers should also be staggered.Finally, some foil insulation facing can not only protect the glass wool, but also achieve the aesthetic requirements.

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