Duct wrap insulation high level thermal and sound insulation for HVAC

             Duct wrap insulation high level thermal and sound insulation for HVAC

The product is a high tensile strength, easy installation insulation adapt to all shapes of HVAC ducts. Heat from central boilers and cool air from central air conditioners can be lost through long HVAC duct, so duct insulation may be the most cost-effective cost of all.

 Duct wrap insulation

A. HVAC duct wrap Advantages:

Completely fireproof---non-combustible

Moisture resistance

Durable---not easy to be damaged during transportation and installation

Long service life---not easy to get aged

Eco-friendly--made by natural materials

Chemical inertness--- PH value about 7

duct wrap

A. HVAC insulation special design

1.Condensation control

FSK or PSK facing can control condensation perfectly with more easy installation, better air 2.resistance and penetration.

Excellent soundproof performance

Sound energy can be converted into heat energy when going through the porous glass wool structure to achieve a quiet and efficient transmission system.

3. Perfect appearance

 HVAC duct wrap

A. Foil insulation application

Used as external insulation for commercial or residential heating or air conditioning duct.

Used outside rectangular or circular metal plate duct where temperature and condensation must be controlled.

B. Duct wrap installation

Staple all the connections and flash all the seams. The laps should be 2 inches.Duct wrap can also be customized according to the shape of the duct.

Duct wrap insulation


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