Does Your House Need a House Wrap?


Have you ever had a feeling inside your house that it's cold and you can't sleep, but you don't know where the wind is coming from?Did you ever feel uncomfortable indoors with your stomach, but don't know why?Chances are, your house isn't as windproof as it used to be, or there's mold on the inside of your walls.So how do you solve these tough problems?You can install house wrap on your house.


Advantages of installing WATERPROOF MEMBRANE:

1.Windproof performance: the rock wool or glass wool insulation layer of the house has a good thermal insulation performance, but the premise is that there is no air flow inside and the insulation is dry.If it is windy, it is not enough to rely only on the insulation itself. Even if adding the thickness of the insulation, the R value of the insulation will not increase.At this point, a layer of windproof material should be installed on the outside of the insulation.PANZHU WATERPROOF MEMBRANE has excellent wind protection effect. Correctly installed PANZHU WATERPROOF MEMBRANE can prevent the cold air from blowing into the room and prevent the reducing of the temperature inside the house.

House Wrap


3.Reduce the thermal bridging effect: the problem at the beginning of the article --cold but don't know where the wind is coming from, may be caused by the thermal bridging phenomenon.In winter, when the cold air outside and the hot air inside meet on the wall, it is easy to produce airflow. If coupled with the slight air leakage, the thermal bridging phenomenon will even become worse.The installation of BREATHABLE MEMBRANE can effectively reduce this phenomenon and improve the comfort level inside the room.


3. Water resistance: the PANZHU WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is composed of three layers of membrane by hot pressing technology. The product does not contain glue inside, so it does not feel sticky when touched by hand.The tensile strength of the product is also very high, which can reach 232N/50mm and fully meet the using standard of European and American countries.The waterproof performance of the product is tested according to domestic standards--2m water column impervious to water for 1 hour. Of course, we can also try higher level testing.


1. Mildewproof and moisture-proof: PANZHU BREATHING MEMBRANE not only has good waterproof performance, but also is breathable.PANZHU BREATHING MEMBRANE is a kind of high-tech microporous membrane, whose pore diameter is much smaller than water molecules’ and much bigger than air molecules’.Therefore, the product has good air permeability and water resistance performance.PANZHU BREATHING MEMBRANE is not perforated membrane, so its performance will be maintained for long time use.

Why is PANZHU HOUSE WRAP special?

Since PANZHU HOUSE WRAP has so many benefits, so is it worth buying?PANZHU HOUSE WRAP  has domestic standard test report, any customer who buys our product can inquire the authenticity of the report through telephone number.

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