Does the House Need to Use Waterproof Breathable Membrane?

Air Barrier  

1. What can waterproof breathable Air Barrier do for your house?

Waterproof breathable membrane is a kind of microporous membrane, which can help the house control water vapor penetration.Why do we need to control the infiltration of water vapor? Because the internal structure of the house needs to control the moisture rate, whether it is a wooden house structure, steel structure, or a curtain wall structure. The moisture allows bacteria inside the structure to thrive, so keeping the structure dry is key to extending the life of the building.In addition, the growth of bacteria will have a huge impact on the air quality inside the house. In order to have a better quality of life, it is very important to ensure a good indoor environment.

Air Barrier

Air Permeable Membrane

2. Waterproof and breathable principle of Air Permeable Membrane.

Air Permeable Membrane is a kind of high-tech product, which is not made by physical perforation and make the product waterproof and breathable,but through high-tech principles. There are many micro pores inside the membrane.The pores are tiny and curved with diameters that allow water vapor and air to pass, but not water molecules.The diameter of water vapor is 5,000 times larger than that of water molecules, and the diameter of the membrane's pores is right between the two values.

Air Permeable Membrane

Breathable Roofing Membrane

3. Whether the Breathable Roofing Membrane can meet the using standards of the building?

A. Strength of Breathable Roofing Membrane: Breathable Roofing Membrane is not a high-strength load-bearing product. As long as the product is installed in accordance with the instruction, it can meet the using standard for the wall.

B. How to test the permeability of Breathable Roofing Membrane?Breathable Roofing Membrane has a standard testing institutions, formal manufacturers will attach a the test report to their product.

C. Do you need a professional staff to install the Breathable Roofing Membrane?Professional installation is required, because the installation of Breathable Roofing Membrane will directly affects the windproof and waterproof performance in the later use of the house, so professional installation is required.

Breathable Roofing Membrane

House Wrap

4. How to judge the quality of House Wrap?

The latest technology House Wrap is made by three layers of membrane through hot pressing technology, the inner and outer two layers are to increase the strength of the product, the middle layer is breathable one.The House Wrap produced by hot pressing process does not have any glue substance, so there is no sticky feeling when pressed by hand.

Air Barrier

Waterproof Membrane

5. How to install the Waterproof Membrane to make the most of it?

Waterproof Membrane is usually used with thermal insulation products, which can increase the service life of the insulation land keep the inside of the insulation dry and clean.Waterproof Membrane is usually installed on the outside of the insulation layer to act as waterproof and breathable layer, as if the insulation layer is wearing a coat.


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