Does HVAC DUCT Need Insulation?

Duct Wrap

Every family needs a good HVAC system, so that the temperature inside the house won't be too hot in summer, or too cold in winter. And keep HVAC system in good working condition is the premise that assures our life quality. Today we will introduce an important part of HVAC system --------Duct Wrap.


What Problem can Duct Wrap solve for us?

1. Water leakage form HVAC system in summer

Have we ever encountered the problem of water leakage From HVAC DUCT in summer?We dont know which ceiling tile will appear dripping water.Why does this phenomenon happen?How could there be water on the HVAC DUCT?Because when the HVAC system is refrigerating, the cooler HVAC duct encounters the warmer air, and the water vapor in the air will condense into water droplets, resulting in water dripping on the surface of the HVAC DUCT. But water dripping can be avoided if the HVAC DUCT are properly covered with a waterproof insulation.

2. Heat preservation of HVAC DUCT in winter

The warm air from the HVAC system is transferred to each room through a long section of duct. If there is no insulation on the duct, a lot of heat will be lost during transmission.This increases the workload of HVAC system.A lot of energy can be saved if proper insulation is used.HVAC Insulation saves money as well as protects the environment.

Duct Wrap

Elastomeric Insulation

Advantages of Elastomeric Insulation:

1. Good thermal insulation performance: the thermal conductivity of PANZHU Elastomeric Insulation is 0.034w /m·k, H is the thickness with the unit meter; and R is the thermal resistance value.The thickness of the rubber is H=R*λ. When the thermal resistance of the rubber is 1, the thickness of the rubber is 1*0.034=0.034m, or 34mm.

2. Good waterproof effect: the rubber is a closed-celled structure, and each cell is an isolated waterproof insulation.

3. Easy installation: the Elastomeric Insulation is light in weight and soft in texture. Elastomeric Insulation can be used for regular shape or irregular shape things.

4. Beautiful appearance: the installed Elastomeric Insulation is black with a beautiful appearance, and no decoration or separate external waterproof layer is needed.

Rubber Foam Pipe Insulation:

Usually, many people think that the straight pipe is easier to be kept warm, so not much technique is needed. But in fact, it is not so easy. Actually the heat preservation of straight pipe  is also very exquisite, if the method is not correct or even without strict inspection, it is easy to appear seam cracks, bulge and other defects.

1. For pipes that need two layers of insulation (such as a layer of 20mm and a layer of 25mm), 20mm sheet shall be wrapped in the inner layer and 25mm sheet in the outer layer. Due to the small diameter of the inner layer, 20mm sheet is easier to bend.


Pipe insulation

2. In the process of insulation, the inner seam of different sheets should not be aligned in a line And the outer seam should cover the inner seam. The outer seam should be in the side position;When applying glue to the two ends of pipe shell, ring strips made of waste and broken materials should be applied to cover the insulation seams tight, so as to avoid leakage from glue place. Try to avoid applying glue again and again, and make sure that the glue is applied fully and evenly.

 Elastomeric InsulationDuct Wrap

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