Different Types and Application of Glass Wool Insulation

Different Types and Application of Glass Wool Insulation

Glass wool

With higher standard of national requirements for green building, glass wool has become a hot insulation material.Environmental protection has become the world people's most concerned problem. Global warming and garbage mountains greatly affected the environment of the earth.

So the concept of green building was born.Green building refers to a comprehensive environment-friendly building from materials, construction process to garbage disposal.Green building is a general trend of architecture and a favorable factor to environmental protection.The application of building insulation can save the energy loss of the heating and cooling system, and the recycling of materials is also more simple and convenient. The glass wool insulation is a natural material with less pollution to the environment, so it is very popular.

Glass wool insulation

So what are the excellent characteristics of glass wool insulation layer?

1. Thermal insulation: First, let’s look at the production process of Glass wool insulation. Glass is melt and put into a centrifugal machine and made into glass fibers. After sedimentation and curing, the glass wool product is cut into specific shapes for different uses. Glass wool insulation is a kind of wool product with tiny air pores inside.The air pores made a natural air layer which strengthen the thermal insulation performance of the glass itself. So, Glass wool insulation is a perfect thermal insulation material.

Glass wool

Fiberglass wool

2. Sound insulation: when sound passes through Fiberglass wool products, the tiny vibration of the fiber converts sound energy into heat energy, thereby reducing the sound transmission.

3. Fire performance: because the composition of glass itself is like crystal, Fiberglass wool has a relatively higher using temperature.The highest using temperature can reach 250℃, which is suitable for residential use for fireproof.

Applications of different kinds of glass wool products.

1Glass wool Blanket are widely used for workshops,warehouses, refrigerating chamber, gym, exhibition center, heat preservation shed for cultivation; steel structure buildings, various indoor entertainment places

2. Glass wool board has two categories. ie. facing-free board and compound facing board. These products are widely used in industry. exterior heat preservation system of residential buildings, air conditioning, and some other fields.

3. Glass wool pipes are pipe shaped products made from super tine rock wool felt with addition of phenol resin cementing agent forming shapes through solidification under pressure and heating. The surface may be coated with PVC film or aluminum foil.Mainly used in the heat and coldness preservation of piping in petroleum chemical. thermal power industries and industrial heat supply and civil heat supply, etc.

Glass wool insulation

4. Glass wool batt

The high-performance glass wool batt are used for walls and roofs of joint/separate residences, office buildings, public buildings. and so on. They cannot only provide durative indoor conformableness, but also bring remarkable effect of energy saving and noise reduction. What's more important, they can be conveniently and simply mounted.

5.Duct wrap products

In order to better meet the special requirements of customers and solve the problems of moisture-proof, sound absorption, anti-corrosion and beauty, glass wool products can be processed into many kinds of foil facing products. such as products with FSK facing, fire retarding pure aluminum foil facing, fire retarding white polypropylene facing,fire retarding triple- element compound facing, black glass fiber facing, and so on. Such facings are characterized by high robustness, high tensile strength,beautiful appearance and simple construction, and can enhance the abrasion resistance of the glass wool.

It is worth mentioning that with the appearance of new types of glass wool, the formaldehyde-free no acrylic acid glass wool has become more and more popular recently. This kind of glass wool uses a new kind of adhesive for curing which is environmental friendly. The adhesive contains no formaldehyde or acrylic acid. This product is free from formaldehyde molecular, which is more healthy and more environmental protecting. Glass wool eco friendly has got the affirmation of broad users!


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