Did you know that house wrap can also be recycled!

There are three ways to recycle house wrap: physical recycling, chemical recycling and energy recycling.

Physical recycling method

The physical recycling and reuse methods of house wrap include polymer blend, as the filling material to manufacture molding materials, building paving, etc.

The first step of the recycling of house wrap is to cut (interception), broken, coarse broken, fine broken, micro damage (particle size of about 200 mesh) and further grinding to 20-30 mesh, and then apply for use.

Polymer blend

The fine breakdown house wrap powder could added into PP, PE and other thermoplastic materials, with the maximum filling amount about 50%. The printed circuit board after the separation of copper can be destroyed into a variety of particle size and be used for house wrap padding.

Manufacture molding material

The damaged house wrap powder can replace the Caco3 filler, and can be used in thermosetting resin such as glass fiber reinforced plastics as reinforcing material.Although the glass fiber reinforced plastics mixed with house wrap powder is not as good as the standard composite material, it can be used in some cases.When it was used as filler to replace calcium carbonate, it had no effect on the function at low ratio.

Building and paving materials

Some people mixed house wrap powder of certain particle size into sand and stone to make non-structural lightweight concrete construction material. The density and quality of this material are relatively light, which can also satisfy the ASTMAmerican Society for Testing Materialproduct quality specifications.Chemical recovery application

At the same time, some people also used the waste house wrap for paving materials and added it into the asphalt paving materials instead of the asphalt modifier, which can also meet the basic function and reduce the use of modifier.

Chemical recycling method

Recently, the house wrap is cracked by pyrolysis to generate monomer, mixed fuel oil and residual filler.The cracked monomer can be used for industrial production, the liquid can be used as gasoline and fuel oil, and the residue can be used as part of the filler of the composite material.

Kobe steel has successfully industrialized the technology of supercritical liquid polyurethane degradation in 2003. The daily processing capacity reaches 10 tons. This method has a large investment in the early stage, but the oligomers and monomers can be used in industrial production.It is the best way to recycle and reuse the house wrap.


The house wrap with its excellent performance is widely used in electronic appliances, cars, aerospace and other areas. The application and consumption are increasing. Although there are still a lot of difficulties in the recycling, our country is relatively advanced in the field.

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