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  • Demand determines the market, the market outlook of new building exterior insulation materials is promising.

Demand determines the market, the market outlook of new building exterior insulation materials is promising.

According to the prediction of experts,as well as the economic and social development of our province, China's building energy conservation insulation and old building insulation projects will increase significantly, in the coming 10 to 20 years, which will bring huge market demand for building materials.

In the global trend of energy conservation, building energy efficiency standards will continue to improve over time.This will certainly bring huge market demand for energy-saving materials and products.As a highly valued external wall insulation in the construction industry, we should also take energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon as the criterion and try to use non-combustible, good fire performance, and environmental protecting energy saving new external wall insulation materials.

According to the mandatory energy-saving buildings rates of 65% for residential buildings and 50% for public buildings, the external wall insulation materials will face a comprehensive reform, especially for non-combustible and flammable materials, which will be replaced by A non-combustible materials.

Therefore, a new type of Class A non-combustible external wall insulation with good thermal insulation performance, environmental protection and energy saving performance,will be popular in the building insulation industry. Rock wool insulation board, as a representative of the new type of material, is praised by the thermal insulation material market.

According to Chairman Tian of Fanfei (Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., ltd. , with the support of national policies, as well as the substantial increase in market demand, the quality of rock wool insulation board produced by the company has been affirmed by many cooperation, so the number of orders is rising, and the supply of materials is in short supply.It can be seen that the new thermal insulation materials will replace other flammable and combustible materials in the future , and become the mainstream thermal insulation materials in engineering. And the enterprises researching and developing the production of new external wall thermal insulation materials will also get huge benefits.

Fanfei (Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., ltd. is a professional one-stop thermal insulation material manufacturer and exporter.There are a variety of products, one of the most popular products is PANZHU WRAP® series products: PANZHU WRAP® rock wool, PANZHU WRAP® glass wool, PANZHU WRAP® foam rubber, PANZHU WRAP® waterproof membrane, PANZHU WRAP® vapor barrier, PANZHU WRAP® scrim kraft and accessories of PANZHU WRAP® non-woven fabric, PANZHU WRAP® waterproof tape.

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