Curtain wall anti condensation external thermal insulation system solution

When heating in the north, indoor relative temperature and humidity are high, water vapor partial pressure is high, water vapor permeates from inside to outside, and outdoor temperature is low. When water vapor partial pressure is greater than its condensation saturation pressure, condensation occurs in the outer wall. In hot summer and cold winter area, the temperature is high and the air humidity is high in summer. When indoor air conditioning refrigerates in summer, condensation will occur when the actual partial pressure of water vapor in some part of the wall is higher than that of saturated water vapor because of the high temperature and humidity outside.

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Condensation often forms in the structure, which leads to the breeding of building fungi, seriously affects the living health and destroys the thermal performance of the envelope structure. According to the principle that water vapor is difficult to get in and out, we adopt PANZHU permeable waterproof cushion (house wrap) and non-vapor permeable insulation and waterproof integrated membrane to form a vapor permeable heat insulation system, which improves the thermal performance of building envelope structure and saves energy consumption. At the same time, the building structure is no longer exposed and is far away from air conditioning and mildew.

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