Christmas is a traditional Western festival, On December 25, it is the biggest Christian festival in memory of the birth of Jesus.It is said that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. God sent messengers to tell Maria's fiance Joseph not to reject her because she was unmarried and pregnant, but to marry her, and the child is called Jesus. When Mary was about to be born, the Roman government asked all the people to declare their residence registration in Bethlehem. When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem, they could not find a hotel to stay, but stayed temporarily in a barn. The night, Mary gave birth to Jesus in the manger.

About 100 years after the death of Jesus, the first Christmas in the world was celebrated by the Roman bishop. Initially, Christmas was celebrated on different dates around the world. It was not until 440 AD that the Holy See unified December 25 as Christmas. Now, because of the combination of Chinese and Western cultures, Christmas has become a global holiday.

In western countries, people hold many activities to celebrate. People prepare meals, such as roast turkey, cake and gingerbread, and distribute candy to each other. People also decorate Christmas trees, light Christmas candles, give gifts to others, exchange cards and send wishes to each other. Some areas also prepare beach feasts to celebrate this grand festival.

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