Can a house be fabricated ?

Of course!The biggest advantage of the prefabricated building is the high degree of mechanization of the factory production, so the components are of high precision and high production efficiency.The main body of the site building generally need only one or two days, which saves a lot of labor. The labor costs are more and more expensive today, so this is very important.Prefabricated buildings include many new types of housing systems, such as light steel, steel and timer frame, prestressed concrete (PC), etc.The prefabricated building method of  house has already appeared and developed very early. As long as the cost is controlled, the prefabricated building will be the trend of villa house.

Advantages of prefabricated buildings:

1. The components can be disassembled repeatedly and reused

2. Short construction period and fast construction progress

3. The production components in the factory are more precise, the field installation is convenient and quick

4. High safety, conducive to safety production in the construction site

5. Standardized production saves materials

6. Less on-site operation is conducive to environmental protection

7. Low staffing and low labor cost

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