Breathable Membrane Has Insulation Performance

Waterproof Membrane:under the supervision of the National Construction Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, an external thermal insulation system of the waterproof breathable film with hanging net plaster takes a thermal test. The test results show that the waterproof breathable membrane with three centimeters of air layer produces thermal resistance value up to 0.307, equivalent to twice the general air thermal resistance value in the same thickness and 43% of EPS insulation board according to the "Country Building Design Code GB50176" The insulation effect is significant.

Waterproof Membrane

House Wrap Advantages

Breathable Membrane Air tightness:Correctly installed PANZHU WRAP can protect the house from strong wind and reduce the thermal bridge phenomenon in the inner house

House wrap insulation Water tightness: Excellent waterproofing performance with 2 meters water column up and two hours water tightness

House wrap insulation Breathability : 1000g/.24h or 63 US perm The house can breath freely with PANZHU WRAP and keep away the mold and rod.

House roof wrap Durability: Wall wrap insulation can be used under the cladding for years if correctly installed with the Tensile Strength 232N/50mm.

House Wrap

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