Asphalt Membrane vs HOUSE WRAP


Asphalt Membrane vs HOUSE WRAP

Several years ago, when mentioning waterproof material, we only know Asphalt Membrane.But in recent years, introduced from abroad, HOUSE WRAP is also known by a large number of consumers. So what are the differences between them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of them? Today we are going to talk about this topic.

I. Introduction Of Materials:

Asphalt Membrane (bituminous waterproof sheet) : use paper, fiber felt etc as the backed material and dipped Asphalt coating, spraying powder, granule or sheet material and made into flexible Asphalt Membrane.

HOUSE WRAP: HOUSE WRAP(breathable membrane) is a new type of polymer waterproof material.

House Wrap


2. Waterproof Performance:

Asphalt Membrane: Asphalt Membrane is a traditional waterproof rolling material with good water resistance performance.

WATERPROOF MEMBRANE: WATERPROOF MEMBRANE is a kind of macromolecule microporous structure. The size of the micro pore can let water vapor go through but not water molecules. Therefore, water is not able to pass through the new product WATERPROOF MEMBRANE.

3. Mold:

Asphalt Membrane: Asphalt Membrane is completely air impermeable, and indoor water vapor cannot come out at all. The long-term accumulation of indoor water vapor will lead to the growth of mold on indoor walls and furniture.

Waterproof Membrane: the product is a microporous membrane. The size of the micro pore can let water vapor pass through but cannot water molecules.Therefore, the building installed with waterproof membrane can not only be waterproof, but also breathable, which can maintain the dryness inside the wall structure and the comfort of indoor air at any time.


4. Windproof Performance

Asphalt Membrane: good wind resistance performance.

BREATHABLE MEMBRANE: the BREATHABLE MEMBRANE is attached to the insulation when used, reducing the air flow inside the insulation and ensuring the full play of the thermal resistance of the insulation.

5. Service Life:

Asphalt Membrane: low tensile strength and elongation, poor temperature stability, high temperature easy flow, low temperature easy crack;Poor aging resistance, short service life.

BREATHABLE MEMBRANE: excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, long service life.

Waterproof Membrane


6. Air permeability

Asphalt Membrane: None

WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE: its unique microporous structure allows water vapor to go through freely. No matter the moisture accumulated in rainy days or the condensed water formed in winter can all be discharged freely from the insulation on sunny days, keeping the insulation dry and healthy.Moreover, WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE can promote the exchange of indoor turbid air and outdoor fresh air, and reduce the indoor sultry feeling.

7. Installation

Asphalt Membrane: heavy, time-consuming and laborious installation.

WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE: simple installation and lightweight, time and labor saving for installation.


8. Environmental Protection

Asphalt Membrane: in summer, the black asphalt roof will absorb a lot of heat, resulting in indoor temperature rise and higher refrigeration costs.

BREATHING MEMBRANE: the new reflective BREATHING MEMBRANE not only does not absorb heat, but also reflects a large amount of ultraviolet radiation, which can effectively reduce the indoor temperature and the cost of refrigeration.

9. Application:

Asphalt Membrane: can only be used in traditional cement structure

BREATHING MEMBRANE: can be used not only in traditional cement structures, but also in new energy-saving houses -- wooden and steel structure houses.

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