Architectural application of glass wool

    Glass wool in the use of construction, the surface often has a certain effect of sound transmission decoration, such as less than 0.5mm plastic film, metal mesh, window screens, fire-proof cloth, glass cloth, etc., can basically maintain the original sound absorption characteristics. Glass wool is one of the most commonly used materials for building sound absorption because of its excellent properties of fire protection, heat preservation and easy cutting. But because the glass wool surface is not decorative, and there will be fiber sprinkled, so it must be made into a variety of sound absorption components hidden use. The most commonly used and cheapest structure is perforated paper gypsum board ceiling or made into a wall filled with centrifugal glass wool perforated board, the perforation rate is greater than 20%, can basically play a glass wool sound absorption performance. In order to prevent fiberglass from spilling out, it is necessary to attach a layer of non-woven fabrics, mulberry paper and other sound-permeable fabrics to the back of perforated panels, or wrap fiberglass with fiberglass cloth and plastic film. Similar to perforated paper gypsum board, perforated metal board (such as aluminum board), perforated wood board, perforated fiber cement board, perforated mineral wool board, etc.

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    In order to prevent noise reflection in road noise barrier, it is necessary to adopt sound absorption measures on the side facing the vehicle. Glass wool is often used as filling material and the surface is perforated metal plate. In order to prevent moisture absorption of glass wool outside, sometimes PVC or plastic film will be used to wrap it.

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