Application of Waterproof Breathable Membrane in Modern Architecture

Waterproof breathable membrane

More and more high-rise buildings are springing up in modern cities. With the height of the building rising, the requirement of fire prevention are rising too.The construction material should not only fireproof but also thermal insulating. More and more such material appears including rock wool insulation. Rock wool board is a new type of insulation material which is fireproof and often used in cold region, just like a fireproof and warm coat for high rise buildings. The only disadvantage of rock wool board is it will lose insulation performance if wet. So, in order to guarantee the performance of rock wool board, waterproof breathable membrane should be used.Waterproof breathable membrane is a new type of polymer waterproof material.During the production process, the technology and quality requirements of waterproof breathable membrane is much higher than common waterproof materials; At the same time, from the performance point of view, waterproof breathable membrane is also special. The special fiber structure of waterproof breathable membrane can resist the wind and rain from invading the building structure, strengthen the building on air tightness and water tightness. Meanwhile, its unique vapor permeable performance can let the vapor discharge rapidly from the enclosure structure, effectively avoid mold and rot phenomenon caused by condensation.Waterproof breathable membrane can also maintain the insulation performance of the enclosure structure, so as to save energy consumption and enhance the durability of the building.Waterproof breathable membrane protects the environment of human habitation, perfectly solves the problems of waterproof, moisture-proof and steam permeable of the building, and improves the health of human residents.Waterproof breathable membrane used in civil and public buildings can make the building become a "breathing house".

Waterproof breathable membrane

House wrap

1. Composition and performance of House wrap:

Europe's most advanced technology, House wrap mainly has three layers

Composition: high density spun-bonded polyethylene nonwoven cloth + high polymer vapor permeable membrane + high density spun-bonded polyethylene nonwoven cloth by hot pressing method.The main function of the high density spun-bonded polyethylene nonwoven fabric in the waterproof breathable membrane is to enhance the tensile strength and static water pressure also protect the interlayer (polymer breathable membrane) of the membrane.

Roof material

2. Main advantages of waterproof breathable roof material

2.1 The hydrophilic radical is introduced into the polymer breathable material, so that the  waterproof breathable roof material not only has a good waterproof effect, but also has a better vapor permeability. The pore channel of waterproof breathable roof material is curved. In the state of water vapor, water particles are very small. According to the principle of capillary action, water vapor can successfully penetrate the membrane to the other side, thus the phenomenon of vapor penetration.When water vapor condenses into droplets, the particles become larger.Water is a group of molecules. Due to the effect of water surface tension (" pull against each other between water molecules), water molecules cannot smoothly escape from water droplet to the other side, cause the bending pore channel will block the water droplet from going through which is called the prevention of the water infiltration and make the breathable membrane waterproof.Water vapor permeability: > 1000g/ m2.24h,

Static water pressure: 1.5m water column on the waterproof breathable Roof material and waterproof for 2 hours.

Air permeable membrane

2.2 High tensile strength

The longitudinal tensile strength of Air permeable membrane is increased to 200N /50mm; the horizontal tensile strength is 150N/50mm. The tear strength is up to over 80N, and Air permeable membrane is not easy to be damaged in the construction process.

2.3 High temperature resistant, aging resistant

Air permeable membrane has aging resistance, smooth surface, wrinkle-free, non-foaming, good composite firmness, high strength and air permeability performance. Air permeable membrane is aging resistant and high temperature resistant. The highest using temperature can reach more than 80 degrees centigrade to ensure the durability and service life of the material.

2.4 Wide application field

The Air permeable membrane for outer wall is applicable for curtain wall, IBR sheets, steel and wood structure, masonry and solid wall, etc., can be used with various kinds of mineral wool insulation materials, etc. Its performance is stable and it has good windproof, waterproof and vapor permeability.

House wrap

Breather membrane

3. Construction essentials of Breather membrane

Open the Breather membrane horizontally from the corner and reserve the lapping length of 150~300mm. The Breather membrane should be lapped flat on the roofing panels and sealed with butyl tape (double-sided butyl tape) to strengthen the water tightness and air tightness of the membrane.Breather membrane should be fixed by plastic Expansion Screw onto the structure. In order to strengthen the sealing effect, breather membrane can be stuck a small piece of butyl tape(100×100mm) on the nailing spot before using nails.The horizontal fixing spot is 300 ~ 600 mm wide, the vertical fixing spot is 300 mm length. The double sided butyl tape can seal Breather membrane and plastic expansion screw tightly. Spread the Breather membrane horizontally for paving without interruption when meeting a door or window. The upper membrane should lap the lower one 150mm wide. The window installation should refer to the window installation instructions.

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