Application of Rock Wool Board

Rock wool 

Rock wool is originated in Hawaii.After the volcanic eruption for the first time on the Hawaiian islands, the island's residents found on the ground a wisp of melting material ----soft rock. This is the first human cognition of rock wool fiber. The production process of rock wool is actually the process that simulates the Hawaiian volcano eruption. The rock wool products adopt high-quality basalt, dolomite, etc as the main raw materials, after more than 1450 ℃ high temperature melting process, rock wool liquid is made into rock wool fiber. PANZHU ROCK WOOL BOARD adopts international advanced four axis high-speed centrifugal, at the same time, a certain amount of binder, dust laying oil and moisture repellent oil was put into the rock wool liquid. Through the pendulum method and three dimensional wool-spreading, the rock wool fiber is collected and made into rock wool board. After curing, ROCK WOOL BOARD was cut into different sizes with different specifications and uses too.

Rock wool

Mineral Wool Insulation

Today, with the rapid development of human civilization, the natural environment has been greatly influenced. People put their attention on energy conservation and emission reduction, which vigorously promote the low-carbon environmental protection construction and green building has become the focus of the whole society. At the world climate conference in Copenhagen, the Chinese government made a solemn commitment to the world to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40-45% by 2020 compared with 2005.However, building energy consumption accounts for more than 30% of the total energy consumption of human beings. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new building materials that can save energy, reduce emission and achieve a low-carbon economy.

Rock Wool Insulation

Since the beginning of this century, a lot of fire hazard is caused by the improper selection of external insulation materials which brought great loss to people's lives and property safety. Rock Wool Insulation with its excellent fire insulation performance is internationally recognized as the main energy-saving material among the "fifth conventional energy".Every 1 ton of rock wool products used for buildings can save at least 1 ton of oil energy a year, which is in line with the trend of low carbon emission, energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, Rock Wool Insulation, as an ideal building insulation material, is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Mineral Wool Insulation

Rock Wool Board

Performance of rock wool board:

1. Ultra-high temperature resistance: the highest refractory temperature is 1500 degrees Celsius. The longest fire resistance time is 3 hours, that is to say, if there is fire at the rock wool board which is burning, the rock wool board can stay for three hours without on fire. So, the fire resistance performance of rock wool board is beyond doubt.

2.Sound insulation performance: rock wool sound insulation board has perfect performances.

The most commonly used method is MGO BOARD(one or more layers) + steel channel + rock wool board + MGO BOARD ( one or more layers) as a partition for the office. Both sound insulation effect and fire resistant effect is good, completely conforms to common fire standards.

It has been proved that the sound insulation effect of the light wall after using rock wool board with the density of 60-180kg/m3 is proved to be more soundproof by 8 ~ 15 decibels compared with the wall with only MGO BOARD without filling.

3. Waterproof Performance: the waterproof performance of rock wool board is better than glass wool. Usually rock wool board is waterproof with water absorption rate of only 3%. If using with HOUSE WRAP, the service life of rock wool board will be longer, cause the rock wool board inside will not easy to mold, and the indoor air will be better.

Rock Wool Blanket

Application of Rock Wool Blanket:

1.External wall insulation: Rock Wool Blanket is in line with the external wall using standard.

There are also Sips panels and rock wool core materials which is more suitable for the using standard of external wall. The thermal insulation performance of sip panel is better than that of normal rock wool board. Rock Wool Board is more suitable for external wall application.

2. Partition application: the fire prevention effect of rock wool board is good. The sound insulation effect is also good, so rock wool board is suitable for indoor partition use.

3. Hot or cold pipes: Rock Wool Blanket is very energy-saving, which is high temperature resistant, and more safe to use.

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