Application of PANZHU WRAP breathable membrane

Waterproof breathable membrane can be used for concrete wall insulation, masonry wall insulation, metal buildings insulation, roof underlay and steel structure roof underlay as well as other waterproof and vapor permeable structure.Product is spread upon the insulation product of the building roof or wall. On the one hand it can protect insulation materials from external moisture greatly; on the other hand, it can effectively discharge the moisture inside the enclosure structure.Thus effectively guarantee thermal insulation layer and structure for a long time, achieving energy conservation, improving the durability of building and ensure the quality of indoor air.The products are applicable to national standard atlas Public Building Energy-Saving Structure 06j908-1, Steel Structure Housing (1)/(2)05j910-1 /-2, IBR Steets,Sandwich Board Roof and Wall Building Structure 206j925-2, Construction Method 05j909-1 /-2 and Timer House and so on.

PANZHU WRAP Waterproof Membrane Enhanced HP-F49

PANZHU WRAP Waterproof Membrane is made of three layers by hot pressing process.Outer protective layer, middle functional layer and inner protective layer.

Hot pressing technology ensures the products to have a good air permeability and durability.It is now one of the most advanced breathable membrane technology.The permeability of the product can reach 1000-1500g/.24h, which achieves the European standard.We can also  design different solutions for customers from different zone areas.

The Advantages:

Air permeability: waterproof membrane is installed outside the insulation layer of the building to prevent condensation phenomenon inside the insulation which will reduce the R value of the insulation layer by rapidly releasing the moisture inside the insulation layer into the air.At the same time, it can also prevent the mold and rot phenomenon caused by the accumulation of water vapor inside the insulation layer, so that maintain the indoor air quality.

Waterproof: PANZHU WRAP Waterproof Membrane is both breathable and waterproof.The unique micro-pore structure of the membrane enables water vapor to pass through but keep water molecules out.So there is a good waterproof performance.

Windproof: The American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published

a report in 2005 titled "the influence of Commercial Building Palisade Structure Tightness upon HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning)  energy utilization survey. The report showed that compared with buildings without waterproof breathable membrane, the energy cost saving rate of heating and cooling of the building using waterproof breathable membrane can reach about 40% at most.

Durability: PANZHU WRAP Waterproof Membrane is composed of three unique layers. The inner and outer layers are protective layers, which can ensure the good durable performance of the product.

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