Application of house wrap roofing and wall

PANZHU waterproof breathable film is composed of high performance materials, which can make water pass freely, but it can not penetrate again after condensation into water. So as to ensure that the building is dry and comfortable, while avoiding condensation of dew damage to the roof and walls of the building, as well as damage to indoor articles. The reason for condensation is that the air contains colorless water vapor, which is usually measured by humidity (RH%). The higher the temperature of the air, the more water and gas it contains. When the temperature decreases, the air can not contain the original water and gas. The lower the temperature of the air, the higher the humidity. When the humidity reaches 100%, the water and gas condense into liquid and condensation occurs. At this time, the temperature is called condensation point in the building, as long as the heat inside the building. When air volatilization contacts the roof and wall with lower temperature, condensation will occur. When condensation occurs, water droplets will form on the roof or wall surface, and water droplets will be absorbed by the building, thus destroying the wall and roof structure, or dropping, damaging the objects in the building, and using PANZHU waterproof vapor permeable film is unique. The two waterproof and steam permeable capacity can not only play the role of waterproof layer, but also solve the moisture proof problem of thermal insulation layer. On the one hand, water vapor can penetrate without gathering in the insulation layer; on the other hand, dew or water seepage on the roof or wall surface will be effectively separated from the insulation material by PANZHU waterproof permeable film vapor film, and will not enter the insulation layer, thus forming a comprehensive protection of the insulation layer. Ensure the effectiveness of insulation layer and achieve continuous energy saving.

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