Application of House Wrap in Steel Structure

House wrap

Why does steel structure use PANZHU house wraps?

Steel structure is a common type of energy-saving buildings nowadays.Its wall is pretty light. It can resist strong earthquakes, install easily and design into various beautiful shapes. It is one of the most popular materials used for large public buildings.House wrap is an indispensable part of steel structure buildings.Why? Let's look at the structure of a steel structure building.The load-bearing part of the steel structure is steel beams.And the insulation of the steel structure is usually rock wool, glass wool or some other insulation materials.

Normally, different insulation have different thermal resistance values, which can be selected according to different building types and regional climate.The thermal resistance value of these insulation is measured only when the insulation is dry, and only when the insulation is dry can the thermal resistance value be guaranteed.Therefore, waterproof work is very important for the insulation.The material who completes this task is the house wrap we will introduce today.

House Wrap

Waterproof Membrane

Working principle of PANZHU Waterproof Membrane:

1. Waterproof principle: waterproof membrane is a kind of synthetic material, which is a kind of microporous membrane produced by the latest technology.Please don't misunderstand. The so-called microporous membrane is not a microporous membrane made by mechanical methods, It is a microporous membrane made by micro new technology. The pore diameter of the microporous membrane is smaller than that of water molecules, so water cannot pass through the membrane.Therefore, the product is waterproof. 

Breathable Membrane

2. Breathable principle: why does the Membrane need to be breathable?Because it is not enough for the breathable membrane to be waterproof. Even the insulation can be completely waterproof,there will be water droplet inside the insulation. The principle is the same as the window grilles over the ice grown on the widow glass. Although liquid water is completely obscured outside, the gaseous water will condense into water droplets inside the insulation when it meat cold air. If the membrane is not breathable, the condensation water inside the insulation can not be discharged out freely, in the long run, there will be some rot and mold inside the insulation, which will influence the indoor air quality, also cause serious health problems for homeowners.Therefore, membrane must be able to breathe.But how does it breathe?Quite simple, the pores are larger than air molecules, so water vapor can flow out smoothly and dry easily when the weather is clear or windy. 

Waterproofing membrane

2. Heat preservation principle: PANZHU Waterproofing membrane is just a layer of thin membrane, how can it play the role of heat preservation? We should also start with the thermal resistance of  insulation. The thermal resistance value of the insulation is tested when the air flow is static and the insulation is dry. As the air flow speed is higher, the thermal resistance value of the insulation will get lower. It is useless to increase the thickness of the insulation in this condition.Only waterproofing membrane can block the air outside and effectively protect the thermal resistance value of the insulation. So the role of waterproofing membrane is crucial.

Waterproof Membrane

Breathing Membrane:

Installation tips of PANZHU breathing membrane:

1. Minimize perforation. If there must be perforation, use sheet flashing right up the perforation and seal with flashing tape.It doesn't hurt if the nail is nailed directly upon the flashing tape, because the flashing tape will not lose its wind and water seal performance even with perforation.But it is better to tape another flashing tape upon the cap of the nail.

2. Lapping: the breathing membrane should be installed from bottom to top. The laps should be at least 16cm, but not more than 30cm, and the same is to horizontal laps.It is best to use double-sided butyl tape between the laps, and then use aluminum flashing tape outside. After installation, remember to use the roller to press the tapes so that there is no gap between the two membranes.

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