Application of House Wrap

House Wrap

PANZHU House Wrap is a kind of high-tech microporous membrane.The material has many micro pores that allow water vapor to pass through, but not water molecules, so the product is waterproof, moisture-proof and breathable.

The membrane is composed of the outer shelter layer, the middle breathable layer and the inner shelter layer.The inner and outer protective layers enable the house wrap to adapt to various service environments.


Air tightness: properly installed PANZHU House Wrap can protect the house from wind and rain and reduce the phenomenon of thermal bridge inside the house.

Watertightness: 1.5 m water column, 2 hours impermeable.

Air permeability :1976 g /m2.24h or 68US perm.The house can breathe freely under the protection of house wrap, free from the interference of mold.

Durability: the PANZHU house wrap has passed the domestic anti-aging experiment.Tensile strength 235 N/50mm.

 House Wrap

Waterproof Membrane

A. Application of Waterproof Membrane in slope roofing

1. The minimum slope of sloping roof is 20°

2. The method of multi-layer superposition of Waterproof Membrane, vapor barrier and corrugated roofing panel will produce a better waterproof effect.

3. The edge of waterproof membrane must be flashed well with metal flash or flashing tape.

4. The installation of the waterproof tape at the joint can be fixed with the wooden purlin above.

5. Vapor barrier or vapor retarder is used inside the insulation, and the waterproof breathable membrane is used outside the insulation.Cold areas can also add a second layer of insulation on the outside of the first layer of insulation. Only insulation and waterproof breathable membrane are needed for the second layer of insulation.

Waterproof Membrane

Breathable Membrane

B.Application of Breathable Membrane on Structure Wall

1. When the gap between steel purlins is filled with insulated wool, the width of the wool should be slightly larger than the width between steel purlins, so as to fill the gap tightly.

2. Vapor barrier and breathable membrane can reduce the occurrence of hot and cold bridge phenomenon. When fixing breathable membrane, wood purlin can be used to improve the air tightness.

3. Choose a wall cladding with better windproof and waterproof performance, which can extend the service life of the breathable membrane.

4. The top and bottom edges of the breathable membrane must be fixed tightly with waterproof and windproof performance.

Breathable Membrane

Waterproofing membrane

C. Application of Waterproofing membrane in curtain wall system

1. Insulation can greatly improve the energy-saving efficiency of buildings, so waterproofing membrane is also indispensable.

2. Waterproofing membrane can protect the insulation from moisture,rot, and the phenomenon of falling off, which will greatly extend the service life of the insulation as well as improve the indoor air quality.

 House Wrap

Breathing Membrane

D.Application of Breathing Membrane in steel structure

When installing Steel structure houses, vapor barrier or vapor retarder must be used, because vapor barrier can prevent the water vapor from rusting the steel.

Waterproof Membrane

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