Application of Breathable Membrane on the Building Curtain Wall?

Building curtain wall has always been the main means of decoration for public buildings and middle or high grade residential buildings.Although the National Standard Building Curtain Wall GB/T 21086 has put forward requirements of watertight performance about curtain wall, and water pouring test was given in appendix D, but in curtain wall structure design, stylist is used to consider much more on structure safety and attaches great importance to the structure strength design and calculation,but the design of the curtain wall against rainwater leakage and necessary measures are not paid enough attention, so that the leakage becomes one of the most common quality problems of building curtain wall. Especially in southern coastal areas with high rainfall and basic wind pressure which often hit by typhoons, curtain wall leakage is more common, resulting in failure of insulation layer, wet spots and mildew on indoor walls. And because the water pouring test can only be carried out by sampling inspection, some places that is not tested can become hidden leakage trouble. In addition, the deformation and sealant degumming phenomenon can also cause the leakage phenomenon during the use of the construction curtain wall. So when the insulation layer inside the curtain wall has a water imbibition performance, setting the waterproof membrane between the curtain wall and insulating layer is very much necessary.In order to timely discharge water vapor formed during construction or by condensation in the insulation layer, waterproofing membrane is very indispensable in a building.

Fanfei (Beijing) Energy Saving Technology Co., ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of construction insulation system. Companys main products- PANZHU WRAP series product with excellent air tightness,waterproof and breathable performance are used on the enclosure structure. It can effectively improve building envelope structure of energy efficiency, block the wind and rain invasion on the building and reduce the heat loss.It is the ideal protective layer of the building.

PANZHU WRAP series insulating membrane has the SGS green building material certification, and products reached the standard of European countries. The products have been sold to distant markets demestic and abroad and have received high evaluation from the customers. Especially the reflective waterproof membrane which is not only waterproof and breathable but also added the aluminum foil at the same time, so that the product has a certain ability to fight against ultraviolet light and has a better durability performance.At the same time, the addition of aluminum foil enhances the tensile strength of breather membrane,and makes it the best waterproof membrane product.

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PANZHU WRAP reflective waterproof membrane    PANZHU WRAP reflective waterproof tape

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