Application of Breathable Membrane

A. Breathable Membrane Working Principle : First, lets analyze the cause of condensation. The air contains colorless water vapor, which is usually measured by moisture (RH%).The higher the temperature of the air, the more water vapor it contains. When the temperature drops, the air cannot contain the original water vapor. The lower the temperature of the air, the higher the humidity is. When moisture reaches 100 percent, water condenses into a liquid. This is called condensation phenomenon, and the temperature at this time is called dew point temperature.In buildings, as long as the hot air meet the roof and wall with lower temperature, condensation phenomenon will occur. When the condensation phenomenon occurs, it will form water droplets in the roof or wall surface.Water is absorbed by the buildings, so as to destroy the wall and roof structure, or drip and damage the things inside the buildings. 

Breathable Membrane

PANZHU Breathing membrane has unique waterproof and breathable performance. Breathable membrane can protect the insulation from the damage of water and moisture.On the one hand, the water vapor can pass through without accumulating in the insulation.On the other hand, the roof or wall condensation or seepage water will be isolated outside the breathable membrane without going into the insulation. Thus protects the insulation perfectly. Ensure the efficiency of insulation to achieve the role of continuous energy saving.

Breathing membrane

B. Waterproofing membranereasonable construction plan and method is the fundamental method to prevent rain, snow melt water or condensed water trouble.

Based on years of experience in construction, it is found that most of the insulation moisture comes from rain or snow melt water or condensation water accumulation.

Waterproof membrane is widely used in steel structure, which mainly plays a role in protecting the insulation, preventing the thermal insulation material from being eroded by water vapor, and prolonging the service life of the insulation.And what's the advantages of the waterproof membrane on the building?Lets discuss in detail.

Waterproofing membrane

1. House wrap superior aging resistance, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance performance;

For the structural waterproof characteristics of the steel structure, its waterproofing and air tightness performances are much higher than that of the timer frame structure.But the low ventilation and high heat conduction make the internal temperature of the metal structure much higher than that of the wood structure.According to the construction site test, the temperature of the metal roof structure can exceed 100 degrees Celsius under long time sunlight exposure.PANZHU House wrap has passed the national standard heat aging test and can meet the application requirements.

2. Insulation Wrap Reasonable construction plan and method is the fundamental method to prevent the invasion of rain or snow melt water.

1. Overlapping installation when laying insulation wrap.

2. Flashing tape should be used at the laps of insulation wrap and any puncture places.

3. When installing insulation wrap, cap nail should be used.

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