Application and Installation of Floor Protectors During Decoration

A. The tile and floor protection -- the installation method of hard surface protection film

The installation of ceramic tile and floor is also a part of the basic decorating work. We often find the finished product protection work is not done to ceramic tile duration and after construction.Specific performance: ceramic tile is layed while jointing seams.The sundries are put beside the newly installed ceramic tile or floor. Walk on the newly installed floor. No surface protection products are used on the floor or ceramic tile.All these will affect the quality of the construction of the tile, which will cause some quality problems.

B. Installation Suggestions:

1. Wall ceramic tile. Do not use the caulking agent before the tiles stuck by glue are dry enough.That will cause man made problems of loosing tiles, uneven surfaces,which will affect the construction effect.

2. Do not walk above the tiles until it is dry completely in order to prevent  problems of loosing tiles and uneven surfaces.

3. Cover the tile surface with the surface protector after construction.

The pvc floor protector sheet can not only prevent the abrasive damage caused by sand but also can prevent the paint or coating from dripping on the floor or tile which will cause the ground pollution.As mentioned above, the protection of finished decoration parts in the construction is a very meticulous work. List a few relatively important respects only now, for complement.

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