Aluminum Foil Composite Rubber Foam

   Aluminum Foil Composite Rubber Foam

Aluminum Foil Composite Rubber Foam

Aluminum Foil Composite Rubber Foam is produced by one-time molding process, making the inorganic material ( Grade A Non-combustible material) and organic Rubber Foam combined together, which greatly improve the fire performance, moisture resistance, tear resistance and aging resistance performance of the product, and also more beautiful.

Aluminum Foil Composite Rubber Foam

Foil Insulation Sheet

Compound Foil Insulation Sheet is made of "foil" polymer composite layer and rubber foam insulation by special technology.The composite layer perfectly improve the technical specifications of the product on fire resistance, moisture resistance, tensile strength, anti-aging properties and appearance. The composite layer has greatly improved to protection to the inner rubber layer.

 Foil Insulation Sheet

Independent Close Cell Rubber Foam

Application of Independent Close Cell Rubber Foam

Independent Close Cell Rubber Foam used in special environment

High-end living environment: high-end star hotel, office building, supermarket

All kinds of production environment: food workshop, medical and health care, microelectronics factory, tobacco, clean room and R&D center, all kinds of public facilities, airport, railway station, exhibition center, sports arenas.

Independent Close Cell Rubber Foam 

Elastomeric insulation

Compound Elastomeric insulation used in harsh conditions

High acid and alkali corrosion environment: petroleum, chemical industry

All kinds of enclosed space environment: ships, motor vehicles, subways and so on

All kinds of public facilities: machine room, trench, outdoor open space.

Higher fire performance:

The composite material is non-combustible material, with high temperature resistance, fire resistance and flame retardant performance, among which fire resistance performance is greatly improved.

 Aluminum Foil Composite Rubber Foam

Adhesive Foam Padding

Better insulation performance:

The composite layer maintains the initial thermal conductivity value and remains stable.

Stronger moisture resistance performance:

The composite layer has high resistance to water vapor permeation and is good at isolating water vapor. The special independent closed-cell structure makes the Damp Obstruction value μ factor approach infinity.

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