All New Buildings Will be Built According to New Green Standards From this Year

03/04/2019 09:38 Website of Qinghai Provincial People's Government


Our province attaches great importance to the green construction in the construction field. By setting up the consciousness of ecological protection as the priority, we comprehensively promote the development of green buildings. We do a good job in building energy saving, and steadily realize the standard quality improvement. And strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve the quality of buildings, improve the quality of engineering construction.From this year, our province will continue to strengthen the use of building energy conservation and technology, promote the implementation of green building standards for all new buildings in the whole province.

In accordance with the relevant requirements, the Province Construction Hall, in conjunction with the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Natural Resources, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology etc. formulate relevant policies in  the links of project approval, land transfer, planning and design, construction drawing review, construction permits, the completion acceptance and operation maintenance etc.. These department promote that all new buildings, rebuilt and expansion buildings should meet the standard of green building and make the index appraisal on"The proportion of urban green buildings in new buildings" to ensure that the urban green buildings accounted for more than 25 percent of new construction in 2019.

Next, our province will work hard on building energy conservation, increase the application of building energy efficiency technology. Combined with comprehensive renovation of old community, improvement of living conditions for farmers and herdsmen, our province takes the energy saving, reconstruction of building energy efficiency and solar heating technology as a required item, takes distributed photovoltaic power generation, geothermal energy, low energy consumption building, such as prefabricated construction technology as an optional item, continue to promote the reconstruction work turning the existing buildings into green,comfortable for the old, livable and energy conservation ones according to the local conditions,promote the integrated design and construction of building energy conservation technology in order to ensure the project of the annual comprehensive renovation of old residential areas and the improvement of living conditions in agricultural and pastoral areas meet the requirements of building energy conservation standards.At the same time, pushing forward the construction of the public building energy efficiency supervision system, based on the provincial and municipal office buildings and large public buildings energy consumption monitoring platform, our province carry out the research on the subject of "Research on the Construction of Energy Conservation Supervision System and Energy Conservation Transformation Mode of Public Buildings in Qinghai Province",analyze and research the function of monitoring platform,comprehensively review the energy consumption monitoring data and put forward the model of energy saving transformation. 

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