5 Reasons to Use a Breathable Membrane

Breathable Membrane

The modern city is composed of a forest of buildings. To better bring warmth and comfort to human life, buildings cannot do without the effective play of daily functions such as waterproof, heat insulation, heat preservation and steam permeability etc.Large buildings consume 5-10 times more energy than ordinary houses normally, but even 10-20 times more for the highest time. Large public buildings are called "energy-eater" because their energy consumption is much higher than other buildings.Fanfei (Beijing) Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. has solved this problem well. The breathable membrane produced by Fanfei greatly saves energy, reduces the maintenance frequency, and also meets the construction requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Breathable Membrane

Waterproof Membrane

As a new type of building protecting material, waterproof membrane has the performances of waterproof, breathable and heat preservation, so it is an environmental protection and energy saving product. Waterproof Membrane plays a vital role in the "green" life mode advocated by people.Let the environmental protection action no longer stay on the mouth, but effectively turned into action. To save time and effort, this is the most intimate building products for consumers.

House Wrap

House Wrap is a new kind of high molecular waterproof material.In terms of production, the technology and quality requirements of house wrap are much higher than those of ordinary waterproof materials.At the same time, from the quality point of view, house wrap has very special functions and performances that other material doesnt have. The special fiber structure of house wrap can cut off the erosion of wind and rain to the building structure, strengthen the air tightness and water tightness of the building. Meanwhile, its unique breathable performance can make the vapor get through rapidly from the enclosure structure, effectively avoid mold and condensation inside the structure to protect the thermal performance of the insulation, save energy consumption and improve the durability of buildings.The use of house wrap improves the health level of living environment, and perfectly solves the problems of waterproof, moisture-proof and vapor-permeating of buildings.The building, which uses a house wrap, is known as a "breathing house".

Waterproof Membrane

Waterproofing Membrane

1. Waterproofing Membrane is manufactured with the most advanced technology in Europe. The Waterproofing Membrane has three layers

Composition: Waterproofing Membrane is made of high-density spun-bonded polypropylene nonwoven fabric + Polymer breathable membrane + high-density spun-bonded polypropylene nonwoven fabric by hot pressing.The main function of high-density spunbonded polypropylene non-woven fabric in waterproofing membrane is to enhance the tensile strength and static water pressure of waterproofing membrane, and to protect the intermediate layer (polymer breathable membrane).

Breathing Membrane

Necessity of using Breathing Membrane:

The R value of any insulation layer is measured under the condition that the air tightness is good and the air inside the insulation layer is still.However, no insulation layer naturally have air tightness performance, you must add an air seal layer to make it air tight.Breathing membrane is a very good air seal layer, which can not only achieve air seal, but also waterproof and breathable. Breathing Membrane can discharge the moisture accumulated inside the insulation, and can prevent rain from invading into the insulation, which makes the Breathing Membrane a best partner of the insulation.



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